Life and Poltics

Life certainly happens and it had me neglecting to post on my blog site for a bit. That changes as of today.

To bring you all up to speed on why things have been so busy, here is the update of life in the political realm.

1. I have been helping vet the Libertarian candidates for POTUS, and drafting a voters guide to assist delegates in making their choice at convention in Orlando.

2. I have accepted a position in the campaign to nominate Steve Kerbel as the Utah Campaign Director.

3. I have been putting my own team in place for my Congressional run this year for Utah’s 1st District.

4. In efforts to grow the Libertarian Party in Utah, I have been working on organizing County Affiliates, especially in Weber County.

So lots of exciting developments in the works. Now that we have done most of the groundwork, I have time to keep everyone updated on the liberty movement as we work to expand freedom for all.

To my Mormon friends on gay marriage

Writing About Stuff And Things

Hello, fellow Mormons!

With everything going on with the gay marriage ruling, I’ve been tempted to blog about this for a while, but told myself there wasn’t a whole lot to add to the conversation. After all, I had more important things to focus on, like my Biblical adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z story I’m trying to pitch to Quirkbooks. But I figured I’d take a break for an hour to crank this out for the 3 people on the internet who might actually read it.

To start off on where I stand, I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As we know, our doctrine states that “marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.”

After the gay marriage ruling passed, I’ve…

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Founder’s Blog – My State of the Union

Young Libertarians for America

081aAnother year has passed us by, and it has come time for us to hear from our President on the State of the Union.  I’m sure we’ll hear lovely rhetoric from him this evening, and the words that things will be better.  It will be an empty address, like so many others in recent years.

I’d like to tell you the truth today. I’m not always popular because of this, but it is something I promised I would always do.  The truth is, our country teeters on the edge of disparity.  We are nearing times that will truly test the character and soul of every one of us.  Congress has largely done nothing to stem this tide, nor has any president since John F. Kennedy.  They have lied to you, and I am sorry for that.  I wish there was good news to tell you.  I wish that there were…

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The Movement to Legalize – Utah

Young Libertarians for America

legalization-go-feds-09-01 (1)By Craig Bowden

There have been many efforts in recent years to legalize marijuana and lift prohibitions on use.  This is by far one of the more significant moves for freedom in America.  The main point above all, at least for me, has been that we should be able to choose what we do with out own bodies.

There have been efforts to lower the criminality in Utah, recently, that may fall short of legalization, but do start heading the right direction.  There is a proposition to reduce sentencing and lower offenses to decrease the amount of jail/prison time a person would face if convicted of drug possession.

Law enforcement is also getting behind this effort as they realize the necessity to start moving toward a more free society. In an Op-Ed titled For a safe society, send fewer to prison, penned by three top cops in Utah, they discuss…

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Disappointment in Utah’s Congressional Delegation

478315adc450a5b7cb8a035d6fe80f02Today marked the first day for the 114th Congress, as members of the House and Senate were sworn into office.  For me, this day was one marked by a slight bitterness because of the first vote being held in the House of Representatives.

Each member of the Utah delegation voted in favor of retaining Speak Boehner.  While not really a surprise with Congressmen Rob Bishop, Chaffetz, and Stewart, Utah was holding onto some hope that freshman Mia Love would have stood on principle as she had so often stated on her campaign trail for 4th District.

Each member from Utah decided that they would continue with the status quo, ignoring the voices of their constituents.  While I don’t adhere to the Republican Party as others in my state, it was saddening to see so many voices ignored.

When you are sent to represent people in any capacity, it is your duty to listen to what they want of you.  While there can certainly be some level of disagreement, and you cannot please everyone, when the vast majority of your constituents wish for something, it is advisable to listen to their voice.

For far too long, voters have felt neglected by their representatives.  Perhaps this is the push that is needed for real change for a third party to finally take seat in the federal government.  I guarantee that each of these four House members will be facing a tough reelection in 2016.

In Dire Times – Open Letter to America

American-flagDear America,

I found myself up tonight, unable to sleep so I thought I’d take some time and let out some concerns I have of mine.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Craig Bowden. I’m not really anyone famous or popular.  I haven’t done anything terribly significant.  But I have tried to do the right thing throughout my life.  Living in a way I can be proud of.  I served as an infantryman in the Marine Corps for nearly eight years.  Once in the Marines, I saw some things that made my eyes open. I saw some things that needed fixing, so I wrote about them on blog sites and letters to the editor. I noticed politicians doing things that were questionable, so I wrote and called them.  I saw even more things that were going wrong in our country, so I ran for political office.

I’ve done a lot, and I have failed miserably in what I have tried to do.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t have the prestige of Kim Kardashian’s butt.  Maybe I’m not as entertaining as the latest episode of the Voice or American Idol.  I know I can’t dance, so I definitely couldn’t get on So You Think You Can Dance, nor could I be one of the stars on Dancing with the stars.

I’m not an action hero on the silver screen. I’m not an NFL player that hits my significant other in an elevator.  I don’t get the media because I’m only me and all I do is tell the truth.  No crazy antics, just a scary truth that many people don’t want to hear and others have no idea exists.

We are failing as a country.  I used to think we were the best country in the world. I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong.  Chances are, you are wrong too if you still believe we’re the best in the world.

My first real look into everything was as a Marine in Iraq.  Seeing the full effect of U.S. interventionist policy.  You may have thought that we had good reason to go to war, I fell for it too.  Even defended it for a long time.  Being there was a little different though.  Seeing it with my own eyes as we became political pawns for the political elite.  Re-election posters and cannon fodder.  It tore me apart to know that I was only serving the industrial military complex and self serving politicians, and not the country I loved.

Later came the realization that the Democrats and Republicans were essentially the exact same party with little difference.  I’ll admit it.  I was born and raised in Utah with a fairly conservative upbringing.  I thought for sure I was Republican. Until I looked at their voting records.  So maybe, just maybe I was a Democrat.  Until I looked at theirs too.  It was strange.  Whenever the opposing party asked for something, the other side said no.  But when their guy or gal said it, they would push for it.

I have warned for so long about the two-party system.  In 2014, I watched just about every incumbent go right back to Washington, D.C. (and my home state of Utah as well).  Nearly everyone got re-elected to do the exact same thing that they have been doing since they first got elected (and for some of them, that’s decades).  Few woke up and realized. And if you voted for your guy or gal to go back….you’re part of the problem in this country.

I could go on for hours about the two-party system, but there is one other thing I want to address tonight: police and blind police support.

Why are you blindly supporting the police in America?  I have witnessed so many shootings and brutality cases cross my social media timelines, emails, and news.  And it seems that the comments are the same: just don’t resist.

Not one of you have the guts to say that some of the laws are stupid and shouldn’t be enforced.  No, you just think that it’s some “thug” being put in their place.  The person needs to fix their attitude toward the officer.

When did America become a country full of cowards?  According to your logic, the founders of this country should have just shut up and followed the orders of Great Britain.  There is a level of tyranny being enforced by these police officers.

You can’t grow your grass over a certain length.  You can’t buy a pack of cigarettes and sell them to others.  You can’t go around without a seat belt. Heaven forbid you say hello to someone that has been busted doing drugs, because if a cop sees it, you will be cornered and searched as if you did something.  If you pull out your phone to record what is happening, you may wind up in handcuffs yourself.

The list of stupidity in the law can go on forever, but it all really boils down to this: if there is no victim, there is no crime and if the state (be it federal, state, or local) tries to enforce these arbitrary laws through the police, they are committing aggression against you.  We fought a world war against that kind of tyranny.  It may be small now (cigarettes and seat belts) but what happens when it starts to increase like a frog boiling in water?

We’re about to boil, and you fine Americans are asleep at the helm. Actually defending this level of injustice.  Shame on you.  And shame on me for taking so long to wake up.

I hope you’re happy America. Someday it will be you. If you refuse to speak out today, who will speak out for you tomorrow?

Answering The Park Record

logoOnce again the media, in this instance the Park Record, has decided to exclude me from being able to answer questions given another candidate.  I have taken the liberty of copying down the questions and answering them for the voters of 1stDistrict.

Voters deserve to know where all candidates stand on the issues.  Until the media decides to stop playing the partisan games, we will have to continue to do things this way, though I would encourage all who read this to send in letters and phone calls to the media and ask that they fairly cover all candidates in a race instead of skewing it to the Democrats and/or the Republicans.

Please describe how your background prepares you to serve in the office you seek and why you have chosen to campaign for that office.

 To start off, I served nearly 8 years as a United States Marine in the infantry.  This has given me first-hand knowledge of what happens in war, as I was deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  It also gave me the skills of leadership and teamwork that are necessary to help bridge the divide our nation is experiencing.  It also taught me that there is such a thing as honor, and to honor my oath I took on June 16, 2003, I chose to run to defend the rights of the people; it had no expiration for me.

I also served 3 years at the Internal Revenue Service in the Business Division.  This has given me great insight to the many problems within our tax code.  I dealt with the direct issues employers were having.  I have heard their complaints every day, and also heard their suggestions.  Though at the time I could not do anything to change the way the law was, if elected, I would be able to apply this experience to helping the businesses in America grow and prosper.

Finally, I am a small business owner.  I know what it is like to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  I chose to forge my own path, and while it may not be a multi-million dollar corporation, the fact that I can feed my family is a success.  Tied in with this business experience, I am also the President of two non-profits, so I deal with the day in and day out of working with people.

 The Park City and Summit County economies have performed solidly during the current two-year congressional term. Please discuss your reasoning for the performance of the local economy and identify one policy you will pursue during the next congressional term to ensure further economic expansion in the community.

 Utah overall has had great results economically compared to other states in the nation.  Our unemployment is one of the lowest, and I think it can really be attributed to the “can do” attitude the people of this state have.  We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and do the jobs necessary to take care of our loved ones.  Park City and Summit County are no exception.  They have that same grit to do what they need to, and because of this attitude, it’s not just surviving but thriving.

I think one of the best things I could do is listen to the small business leaders in the community.  We constantly hear about Congressmen and women essentially being bought and paid for by large corporation, and that is why I’m not interested in talking to them.  They will survive without my ear.  The people who need the most help are the “ma and pa” stores.  The self-owned restaurants.  The bait and tackle shops.  The snowboard rental stores.  They are the ones we need to listen to.

I stated earlier that I worked in the Business Division of the IRS and there were a top number of complaints we dealt with: taxation being too much, regulations being a burden, and confusion with the ever evolving tax code.  We need to simplify things for the businesses that can’t afford the team of lawyers and lobbyists.  We need to make it easier on them.

Please discuss your opinion of the benefits and drawbacks of the Affordable Care Act. Please describe one item you would like added to the health care law and one that you would like removed.

 I have been fairly strong worded about the ACA, and for good reason.  I honestly don’t think the approach taken was helpful in the least.  My dad told me a story to relate, and I will share it with you: When you have a leaking roof, you go up and apply some tar, maybe some new shingles, but you don’t tear the whole house down and rebuild.

There were obviously some needed reforms in the healthcare industry, but the ACA tore down the house, and some problems are still not addressed.

To be honest, I would scrap the entire law and go back to the drawing board addressing one specific issue at a time.  Like college students being allowed to remain on their parents’ insurance.  That could have been one law passed.

When we address the issues one at a time like this, it works far more efficiently.  And if Congress is going to use the excuse that “there isn’t enough time for that,” well, maybe it’s time for them to work more than 120 days out of a year or maybe the bill shouldn’t exist if it needs to be so massively sweeping no one can read it.

 The situation in Iraq has deteriorated in recent months, more than a decade after the U.S.-led invasion of the country. What dangers do you foresee for the United States in Iraq and what role should the U.S. have in Iraq as the government there struggles to maintain control?

 This is where I am going to be very clearly contrasted from all my opponents in the race.  I do not think we have any more business in the countries of Iraq and Syria.  It is a no win situation for America.

If we go in and help defeat ISIS, then Bashar Assad will remain in power as a dictator and continue to oppress his people. If we support ISIS, then something worse comes along.  We have seen examples like this happen time and time again when the United States starts getting involved with other nations.

Let’s not also forget that we really should not have been involved in Iraq in the first place.  I personally believe that the actions we took were at least borderline criminal.

We also have no clear objectives, and as a former infantryman, you need to have a clear mission in order to accomplish it.  We cannot continue to risk the lives of our young men and women in international conflicts, the price is too great.  Our Department of Defense should actually start worrying about defense and not deploying all over the world to be involved in conflicts we have no business in.

 Many Americans see partisan gridlock in Washington, D.C., as one of the inhibitors to progress in the country, pointing to the government shutdown as an example. Please discuss the problems created by the partisan nature of Washington and describe one effort you pledge to make to cooperate with the other side of the aisle.

 Well, let me just say that first of all, I am not partisan.  I am running to represent the people in Utah’s District, and if the Libertarian Party started to ask me to do things that did not involve increases in liberty or prosperity for all my constituents, I would leave the party.

It’s high time that we stopped having the partisan lines drawn.  It is one of the reasons I chose to run in the first place.  Congressman Bishop blames Harry Reid, and Donna McAleer blames Congressman Bishop.  They are all part of the problem.  They will tow whatever line their party tells them to.  So in spite of Ms. McAleer’s promises, I’m afraid that she’d only add to the gridlock, not work to solve it.

I have no qualms working with anyone that has the voters’ best interests in mind, so long as the law being passed respects individual and economic liberty, and also falls within the defined limits of the U.S. Constitution.

I pledge to the voters of Utah that I will not join in the political hackery that goes on in Washington, D.C. I am going there to represent you, and I will be your voice, but more than that, lend you and not the lobbyists and special interests my ear.

 The tourism-heavy economy of Park City has for years relied at some level on foreign workers, both those in the United States legally and those in the country illegally. Please discuss your preferred immigration reform package. In your answer, please address the idea of amnesty for those already in the United States illegally.

 I honestly would like to see a time where we are allowed to freely travel, work, and live anywhere we want, and that includes those in Latin America and Mexico.  We do need to have border security to guard against threats, but someone wanting to work here and better their life is no threat.

I do not believe that they should be granted amnesty for citizenship, and should apply like everyone else to become a citizen, but I have no issues with them being here.

To address the concerns of them not paying taxes or getting benefits from the welfare programs, I have addressed this concern in some of the welfare reforms I have proposed and my tax plan to initiate the Fair Tax.

Benefits can only be extended to U.S. citizens, is the short answer on the reforms, but I do have a little more in depth on my website, too much to say here today.  As for the Fair Tax, to summarize, it removes all forms of taxation currently in place and essentially creates a national consumption tax based on the purchase of new goods, with the exclusion of necessities like food, water, and housing.  This means that all other spending done in the United States is taxed, which means there will be no “under the table” pay not making it into the revenue.

 Please identify one of President Obama’s policies you support and one that you oppose. Please explain the reasoning behind your support and opposition.

 To be honest, I really cannot think of anything off the top of my head I have openly supported from President Obama.  He really seems to be continuing a lot of former President Bush’s policies, and so I don’t have a lot I can say in favor of what he’s tried to do.  I really would have liked to see him uphold the promises he made, and has had several opportunities with bill passage he could have vetoed, but didn’t.

 Please differentiate yourself from your opponents.

 Well, I don’t avoid media questions and constituents like Congressman Bishop has shown to do.  I am open and honest about any questions asked of me, and really try to have a 24 hour turn around on answering a question I receive.

As for Donna McAleer, I am the only candidate who is truly without the support of special interests.  She has claimed many times that she is the candidate running without them, but when you look into her financials, you can see that she has received money from several sources that are not individual voters (approximately 15% from PACs, though to her credit far lower than Congressman Bishop who is closer to 80%).  I have only received money from the Libertarian Party of Utah and individual voters.  I’m not interested in money from PACs, unions, or any other groups.  The voters’ voices matter.

As things wind down

American-flagAs the 2014 election starts to wind down, there are some pretty decent projects we have found in the works that are helping to change the face of politics in the future.  We have done some research and found a few newer groups and organizations out there that look like they are aimed at creating some much needed  change in America.

While this election isn’t quite over, we also want to start shifting into what will be happening in 2016.  It may seem like a long way off, but time flies.  So without further ado, here are the new organizations to pay attention to:

Marines as Members of Congress:  This group is actively searching for and attempting to recruit former serving members of the United States Marine Corps to run for political office.  This could be something pretty big if we can get the right people who believe in Honor, Courage, and Commitment.   Our country does need it. Check them out HERE.

Citizens for Police Reform: We have all been watching the news in Ferguson with the riots and many people have been alarmed at the response of law enforcement in some of the situations.  The heavy handed tactics have drawn criticism. There has also been a rise of videos circulating the internet of possible police brutality.  Finally, the shootings of unarmed subjects has drawn national attention.  There is a group trying to fight and change the way things are.  They are advocating for responsible reforms in police departments throughout the United States.  They state they aren’t anti-police, but pro-accountability.  Check them out HERE.

Veterans for Liberty-Utah: A new group based out of Utah is formed of military veterans seeking out responsible candidates to take the reigns of our nation and lead us back into prosperity, while still respecting our civil liberties.  They are working with the members of their communities to find the questions to ask candidates to see if they have a true north, and way to turn our nation around.  Check them out HERE.

Keep your eyes and ears open.  We want to keep everyone focused on returning our nation to new levels of prosperity and liberty.

Free Speech Message – Craig Bowden


Pleas click on the picture to watch the latest message from Craig Bowden running for Utah’s 1st Congressional District.


Protesting the Utah Debate Commission


Libertarian Candidate Craig Bowden protesting outside of the 1st District debate held at Weber State University

By Craig Bowden, Libertarian Candidate for Congress: As many of you know, I have been protesting the Utah Debate Commission for the last couple months.  I will continue to do so, even though I missed out on debating in the one held for Utah’s 1st District.  This isn’t about me.  This is about the voters having the opportunity to hear from eligible candidates and learn about where they stand.  They may never get to hear from me on such a stage, but that doesn’t mean the other districts or the Attorney General’s race shouldn’t have all balloted candidates included.

On Tuesday, September 23rd, we held a protest outside of building where the first debate was held.  I want to share my story of this process, because it is important that people understand what happened to us that day.

We began setting up at around 5:00 p.m. so we could make sure that voters heading in to watch the debate would be able to see the excluded candidates.  We also had flyers and pamphlets to showcase where we stand on critical issues facing the State of Utah and the nation.  We set up in a nice grassy area, one that seemed to be an ideal location, but we were duped.

The area we were allowed to protest was on the opposite side of the building from where the majority of voters would be entering, contrary to what I was told by Weber State’s Police Chief Dane LeBlanc.  It appears that we were intentionally put out of site and mind by the police department, even though they had three officers keeping tabs on us to make sure we stayed in our “free speech zone” assigned to us.

We were told that we could not bring canopies for shade, in spite of the fact that the temperatures were in the high 80’s and low 90’s. We suffered the heat so we could be heard.  The candidates that made the debate?  They got to set tables up inside the Shepard Union Building to hand out information.  So not only were we excluded from taking stage, but we also were shut out from being able to set up a table.  Ironic that the mission of the Debate Commission is to inform voters.


Table set up at the protest

When candidate Donna McAleer walked by, I called out and said hello to her, to have her look up and scoff my presence.  I was afforded the exact same response by Congressman Bishop as he left. Neither of them thought we deserved to be within their presence.

The showing of support though small, was enthusiastic and we had some ad hoc debate going on between the candidates located at the protest.  We discussed our differences and our common ground.  We also got to have people stop and listen as they went about to classes.  This was worth standing in the sun, getting to have voters interact with us and learn more about where we stand.

I think the biggest complaint that I have from this aside from the general disdain showed by major party candidates and the debate commission was the way we were treated by the news agencies reporting on the debate.

Fox 13 didn’t air any of the footage of the protest, nor any interviews with those attending, even though Dwayne Vance and I both took time to talk to the camera.  As a matter of fact, Fox 13 barely even gave us a footnote on the 9 o’clock news.  At least we were somewhat mentioned.  Worse were the reactions from Channel 2 and Channel 4 News.  They actually went out of the way to avoid talking to us.  I watched them walking up the stairs near our staging area, and move to walk along the wall of the building to avoid talking to us at all.

The Salt Lake Tribune, though not present at all, made a footnote about only Dwayne Vance and I being in attendance.  They reported total misinformation with stating it was just the two of us and forgetting to mention the supporters and other candidates who showed up to give support.

The Deseret News at least shot two pictures and posted them up with their article, but aside from the captions in the pictures, they made no mention of what we were trying to accomplish or what our legitimate complaints were.


Sign my daughter held in the protest

One highlight of this was the coming together of all third parties in Utah, something that has never happened before.  We are sending in a formal complaint for the Utah Debate Commission violating the law, and all of us are standing together in this common goal: that Utah voters have the chance to hear from every legitimate candidate in the election and not the chosen major party candidates that continue to offer the same tired rhetoric of the last few decades.

I have also included in this writing a message I have for Scott Howell, the Co-Chair of the Utah Debate Commission that spent two days in the media calling us “wackos” and “extremists” and claiming that we haven’t been putting in the leg work to be considered “real candidates.”


I am a person who will give credit where credit is due; I’m not a partisan individual. Tonight I learned that Donna McAleer, my Democrat opponent, fought hard to get third parties into the debates this year.

I also need to apologize for a statement made from the debate night. I had stated that Donna did not acknowledge me when I said hello. While it was true she didn’t, she was quite nervous going into the debate and didn’t realize I had said hello, as she was focused on what was about to happen.

I should have accounted for the nerves and focus needed, as I’ve had the jitters doing speaking engagements as well.


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