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When the Left Attacks

Last night was fairly eventful in my world of debating, explaining, and writing about policy in the United States.  To give you a little background: I have been writing letters-to-the-editor since I was eleven years old, and have been attacked by people on each letter, blog, debate, etc. that I have ever participated.  Every time I have heard retort from a liberal on something I wrote, I have gotten one of only a few responses.

1) Baseless attacks.  The liberals will sit there and send attacks that mean absolutely nothing to the issues at hand.  I have been called a baby killer supporter for defending the second amendment (even though the same liberal supports abortion that actually kills babies).  They do this all the time, and nearly every time an attack comes from unofficial channels, there will be cursing, name-calling, and disgusting language used.

2) Baiting.  Liberals are really good at the bait trap to try to get you to slip up on what you are saying.  They ask specific questions that are intended to get you to seem like you are somehow a monster.  A good example was an idea I posted that those who are on welfare benefits should not have the right to vote, since they continually vote in people who will keep expanding the benefits.  The liberal I debated made me out to me a unAmerican monster for saying that I was trying to take voting rights away based on an income limit. 

3) Twisting words.  Liberals have a very unique skill to take something you say, and squeeze out the most interesting interpretations.  It was quite shocking when I first saw this happening to me, but it happens every time. They don’t see your context, or use your words in a misguided manner. 

4) Changing to multiple issues.  When a liberal realizes they cannot come up with a legitimate counter argument, many times, they will merely attempt to change the subject.  They key here when this happens is keep things on topic.  If they change, answer the question and move right back to the issue at hand.

5)Threats.  This one is hilarious.  For the peaceful, loving, all for humanity and harmony people, they are some of the most violent.  I have been threatened more times than I can count.  Everything from simple assault threats to death threats.  It doesn’t bother me, because I believe in the second amendment and will be ready to defend myself if necessary, but they will threaten you when you hit the issue in a more articulated manner or use more logic than they can handle.

6) Run away.  The last thing they will do is run away from the debate.  If they can’t argue, they will usually try to make it seem like you are just too ignorant for their superior minds, and hence, will end the argument.  In reality, they are giving up because they do not have anything to defend their stance.  Especially when faced with overwhelming evidence against their position.

So when you debate a liberal, be prepared for this.  It is going to happen to you.  Just keep your cool and stick to the truth, use your evidence, and don’t let them get under your skin.  Eventually they will lose the validity to their issue by using one of these reaction.

In the many years I have been doing this, I have only had two civil, full on discussions with someone of a liberal standing, so what I have told you today is the norm for most liberals.  It is sad, but true.  Most are guided by emotions and as such fly off the handle easily.  Logic, truth, and evidence will win every time.

God Bless.

Numquam cede. Libertatem aut mors.

Restoring Love

Brothers, sisters. Patriots of this wonderful country. We are truly blessed by our Lord to live here and in these days. We are blessed as a nation because of our belief in God.

Last night I was able to watch history unfold. I wanted to share with you the level of the Spirit I felt last night, as I listened to the “I have a dream speech” of this generation.

Last night was the Restoring Love event in Dallas, Texas. As Mr. Glenn Beck took the stage and begin to speak, I was moved to tears. These words spoken were coming from God.

Mr. Beck spoke of the real America. I felt my heart rejoice as he continued throughout his speech. The truth of his words and the sincerity behind them are what Americans everywhere should hear.

This was not about conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. This was God’s message of love and charity.

As a pastor I have learned that God’s word comes in many forms and last night I testify to you, that was God’s work. The fact I cried hearing this is unusual for me.

Long before I thought of serving through ministry, I was serving in tje United States Marines. I am a two-time, hardened, combat veteran. When I heard the message of restoring love in America, my heart was softened and I cried.

We must take the message of service to each other and apply them daily. This is God’s wish. He so loved us that he sent his son to atone for us upon the cross. We must show love enough for each other in respect of His love.

Jesus said “As I have loved you, love one another. By this shall men know, ye are my disciples. If ye have loved, one to another.”

We will do this because we all wish to serve for the good of man. We are a great people and will demonstrate this in our lives. This was God’s calling to act.

The Lord has heard our prayers for our country, and He sent His reply last night through Mr. Beck. Hearken unto the words! Faith, hope and charity are how we will restore and rebuild America.

This is our hour. This is our time to rise to the challenge our patriot forefathers left for us! The road is before you! Walk wirh God down it. Open your heart and take the steps. God is with us and wants America to sieze her Destiny!

You must do this. I must do this. And together we will build a better nation and leave our children a great legacy.

May God bless Mr. Beck for having the courage to say what was needed. May God continue to bless and smile on our nation.

I say these things before you, testifying in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.


End The Entitlement Mentality

I often times wonder what people must be thinking when they vote in liberals to office. I understand that there are a lot of feel good things said when they campaign, and they sure do deliver, but at what cost?

What is the price for the forced charity? Trillions of dollars of our hard-earned money to take care of people who believe they are entitled to these benefits now. OUr money pays for others to sit around and do nothing. The government is taking away our money and giving it to those not even willing to work for it.

In my hardest days I was working two jobs, my wife working two jobs, and we barely scraped by. But we accepted no handouts. We pushed through, and made it on our own. This hard work mentality has been forgotten and replaced with laziness, and sloth.

We need to stop this mentality and push for better results. I know it is tough right now, because of the net job losses being reported in this weakened economy. It has hit me too. I just got laid off from my day job, and rely on my limited business income that also took a hit. I tightened my belt, but I will not take a handout.

We need to especially start pushing ideas of conservatism and anti-materialism in our youth. OUr children and grandchildren are being taught that the nanny state is what we need, even though it is causing more and more economic strife to our country. We must raise up the next generation to not accept the government assistance in order for an easier life.

We have seen the government pushing to add voters to their rolls by offering and advertising more and more. Reject the idea, and make sure to stand firm on hard work, and belt-tightening as the response to hard times. This is how Americans really are.

This November we need to really push to add more conservatives to the House, add to the Senate, and retake the White House. Get out there and rally everyone voting age to help get on the path ro restoring America.

We can do this, we must do this.
God Bless/
Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

It is a Sport Rifle

Ok. I agree that the shooting in Colorado was horrific, and it never should have happened.  I hope that this evil man who shot those innocent people will get the full extent of the law.  That being said, I am now going to do what I always seem to do, counter the leftist attacks trying to use a crisis to take away another fundamental freedom of American citizens.

Mayor Doomberg and the Hollywood elites, with the help of the liberal news media, have already started blaming the Tea Party and gun control not being effective as the reasons for the tragedy taking place in Aurora.  Let me explain something to you, it was not that weapon that killed 12 people and injured 59.  It was an evil man, pulling the trigger that murdered those people.

Stating that the gun is the reason people died is the same as saying matches cause arson, or automobiles cause accidents.  It is the operator of the device that did something inconceivable to the normal, rational human.  It was ?Mr. Holmes that committed the atrocity, not his choice of how we would kill.

I am also sick and tired of hearing everyone calling the weapon used an assault weapon/rifle.  Granted, this time a rifle of the liberal’s “assault” category was used this time, but that is not what these guns are most often used for.  Your average gun owner who has an SKS, AK 47, or AR 15 uses the gun for target practice and sport shooting.  The most accurate term for the rifle is a sport rifle.

Quit falling for the liberal trap of political correctness.  Don’t use their language.  Calling this gun an assault rifle is the same as calling people crossing our borders illegally as undocumented workers.  Do not use the language they define.  I own one of these rifles, and I do not commit assaults with them, I go sporting.

We need to be strong in our resolve to not using the language the left uses.  assault rifle sounds scary….sporting rifle does not.  Help educate people by ceasing the use of their language.

That’s my two cents today.
God Bless.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

Making Progress

I am not sure exactly what my Senator will be doing with the signatures received from the letter I wrote and stressed was needing to be sent by July 4th.

I did receive a very nice letter back from Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and he agreed with the points I raised in the letter. It is great to know that there is someone in the Senate that agrees with us and stands for Constitutional principles.

I have not heard back from Congressman Rob Bishop or Orin Hatch yet on the issue, but I sent it off to them. I also was able to hear back from the Utah governor’s office, and he agrees with the petition as well.

So we are starting to make an impact folks! Do not ever doubt that just because you are one person you cannot make a difference. WE are making a difference. We have opened the eyes of many, gotten support from conservative candidates, and are going to fire the pretender in chief.

God bless you all for the efforts and all your signatures on that letter!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors

The Future of America

My fellow Americans,

I join you today on our nation’s independence to let you know that I will officially be running as a candidate for President of the United States in the year 2020. I have chosen to take this calling because I feel that it is time for America to get back to her roots of her founding.

For far too long we have allowed representatives skirt around our Declaration and our Constitution, telling us that they are “living” documents, outdated, too old, archaic, and non-applicable to our current way of life.

We as a people have allowed the government to encroach into our daily lives. They have been usurping our authority through promises of helping, and making things safer or better for the common good of our country.

America, we are at a crossroads of time, where we will decide if we will continue to be the example for the rest of the world to emulate, or whether we will fall as Rome’s mighty empire.

I know that 2020 is a long way away from today, but we need to start acting now in order to even have the possibility of the country to exist by that time. What I am calling on you to do today is to start educating the youth in your areas about the dangers of the progressive cancer being spread through our system of government.

I need you all to start handing out literature to other voters. I need you to oppose all the unconstitutional legislation and executive orders coming from the government, and enlighten others of what our government is doing.

We must rally together now. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he stated “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang seperately.” We must take a stand, and begin to network our resources together. It is time to set aside our differences and think of America, our children, and the future of both.

In the coming elections please get any progressives moved from office and only vote for the candidate who is taking a stand for America and her Constitution. And please do not vote soley on the fact that the candidate is Republican or Democrat. Vote on prinicples, not parties.

I have chosen to not seek the support of a major party for this reason. Both parties have been instrumental in the decline of our nation. It is time to set ourselves apart from them.

Task number one for America today is to remove the current President, Mr. Obama. Task two is to maintain and gain a conservative majority in the House of Representatives. And finally to make sure and regain a conservative majority in the Senate.

I know that it will be hard, and there will be some pain involved with the tasks we will have to accomplish in our lifetime in order to keep America strong, but it will be worth every inch of the fight. Everything worth fighting for is this way.

Thank you for taking the time to hear this message. I hope that I get the chance to meet with as many of you out there as possible, and I hope that I will be able to represent you in defending the Constitution.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.