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Zombie Apocalypse

We may have to keep our eyes open this year for sure. With Barack Obama’s approval numbers slipping almost daily, the only  recourse for Democrats to get their anointed one reelected will be using the dead to vote.

Volunteer for polling areas to watch for voting fraud. It is going to be our best defense against the dead voting.

They lost their rights to vote when the heart stopped ticking, but they seem to rise in November, about every four years.

Stop the zombie apocalypse!

Prepare for the Worst

I am a realist. I recognize that while there is hope to turn around the sinking ship that is currently America, we are still in for one hell of a ride.

I am optimistic that Mr Obama will be defeated, but there is the chance he will have enough useful idiots, dead people, and pets voting to get his second (and worst case, lifelong) term in office.

We really need to start planning to take care of our own. The chance exists that we lose the election. And this may force us to fight a bloody civil war.

Yes my friends. There is that chance. I pray to Almighty God this doesn’t happen, because I have seen the horrors of war first hand and wish it on no one.

But we cannot simply roll over and take it. We must start networking together, at least to keep the GOP in check should we win. We must be ready to defend liberty.

Pray patriots. Prepare your body, and mind for the fight. Please do not lose faith in America.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

August 26, 2012

Today has been a blessing for the Bowden bunch. A Sunday spent as a family, with visits from my mom and dad seeing their grandbabies.


More Lego building, more activity books, a picnic, a park adventure, and good homecooked food (made by yours truly).



The day ended with some reading from the Holy Bible, prayers, and an education on Benjamin Franklin. We got school clothes and backpacks ready for Day 1 of first grade for Caleb, and Brandon for kindergarten.


Kenzie has been teething, so she’s been in a mommy mood tonight. Liz rocked her gently to sleep and I was lucky to catch the precious moment.


This is all part of my pursuit of happiness. God bless this wonderful country and moments like these in my life. This is worth defending.


The Oath

The President of the United States takes a similar oath to what I took back in 2002. I’ll never forget the pride I felt as I said those words.

“I, Craig Richard Bowden, do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…so help me God.”

I never forgot my oath. I love what America stands for, and will defend her still. I know I’m not alone in this. Many of military brothers are oath keepers too. Honor became a way of life for us.

The man sitting as our president right now has either  forgotten his oath, or never meant the words spoken.

It is because of this that I stand against him. I swore to defend against domestic enemies, and Mr Obama is an enemy for his flagrant abuses of power and disregard for America & the Constitution.

It is time to remove this divider of America, the vile betrayer of an oath of sacred honor and trust. November 6th we the people need to send him his eviction notice.

He broke his oath to us. We must hold him accountable.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

August 25, 2012

Today has been an awesome day as a family. We have played so many games, laughed, and loved.


We have played hide and seek, one of the boys’ favorite games. Hearing the laughter makes the moments worthwhile.

We had boat building with legos, and colored almost a whole activity book together.


Breakfast was homemade donuts and fresh fruit. Lunch was cold cut sandwiches. Dinner a chicken skillet made from scratch.

A little conflict with the ex, but it was worth it to fight for our right to be a family.

Every day is great when we’re together. Even Kenzie was laughing (the 7 month old).


Love this. Money is tight, but we are rich in love!

The Battle After the War

Folks, I need to have a moment of honesty. I’ve been struggling for several months now, and I want you to know a little about the man behind Marine Vet for Freedom.

This story is not to ask for your pity. I seek no handout. The only thing I will ask you to do is pray. Pray for me and all servicemen and women who are still fighting a battle even though they are no longer in a war.

I served nearly eight years in the US Marine Corps as a machine gunner, scout, and team leader. I exited honorably, and strived to do my best to uphold the values instilled in me.

I have been fighting an ongoing battle with post traumatic stress disorder, and it has been manifesting itself hard for the last four months. I have been teetering on the edge for a while.

The two tours, and loss of 23 friends has been killing me. I have a feeling this is part of why I was one chosen to be laid off of Work, though I am not the junior on the totem.

Most days are filled with anxiety and anger, the nights with nightmares and tears.

Somehow I have managed to stay away from the bottle, as I will always be a recovering alcoholic.

This is what many of us go through. I personally haven’t seen combat for nearly seven Years, my last tour of Iraq ending January 2006. I still hear the sounds, smell the powder, feel the terror, and see the faces of my friends.

I bear very few scars that can be seen, but my heart is scarred deeply, and so is my soul. Many people see me and wonder why I am disabled. Why so many appointments. My own family questions.

Recognize this, if you are a family member to a veteran: not every wound can be seen. If you are a vet, remember you are not alone.

I have been getting help. Marines are stubborn so it did take me years and an intervention before I bit the pride bullet and started the process. I know I will never fully recover, but I also know it’ll be worse if I don’t fight with allies and tools meant to help.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help before it is too late. Some of the battle will push to lows never seen. I’ve been in that darkness, and it is Hell.

Again, I am not seeking pity. But please do pray for us in the battle after the war.

God bless

d bless.image

The “Commander in Chief”

I don’t know what fantasy world Barack Obama was raised in, but I grew up in America. A wonderful place, full of opportunities to learn and grow. A system that beat out tyranny multiple times and stood for values. This is not the anointed ones’s vision. Not sure how he came to hate the American way with such a passion.

This “commander” is not what our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines need. He has been saying and doing things that contradict the position of Commander in Chief.

He stated veterans should pay for their medical expenses since they volunteered to serve. All while pandering to groups of people who have never known what Work or sacrifice consist of, promising them medical care.

He skipped the Medal of Honor Inaugural Ball after winning the election, but made sure to visit the Hollywood elitists’ balls, and didn’t hesitate to go to the BET ball that night.

Mr. Obama skipped out visiting wounded warriors to do photo ops of shooting hoops.

He has approved the lowest pay increases for our men and women in uniform in US history.

His administration called veterans likely terrorists just because they remember their oaths. The same one he forgot and regularly neglects.

He takes full credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, even though it was our brave SEALs that brought justice, and put their lives on the line. And had it not been successful, he had his blame ready to fall on anyone but him.

When we head to the polls I want you to remember the members of our armed forces (the same ones his party are trying to keep from voting). I want you to think of Arlington National Cemetery.

Think about the veteran missing both legs. The struggles of those without visible scars. Think about the people who charged forward while others protested their honorable service.

Remember them. They deserve better in a Commander in Chief. Let’s send Mr Obama packing for his utter dereliction of duty.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with us.

Ryan Appears to be Conservative Hope

Governor Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President is a glimmer of hope for conservatives. While neither ate my personal choices for a ticket, I think this will at least start plugging the holes made by progressives in our country.

I know that many of you out there are worried about Mr Romney, and I have my reservations with him too. But his choice of Congressman Ryan shows Mitt’s dedication to fixing the fiscal mess a century of progressives made.

I also believe that with Senators like Mike Lee from Utah, and Ted Cruz from Texas, there will be enough constitutionally sound Conservatives to keep things in check and make way for more conservative, American values to make their way into Capital Hill in future elections.

We just need to get as many socialists out as we can, get the Romney/Ryan team in the White House, and the framework will be there to restore America to its greatness.

We also must pledge to not cut any of these guys slack. We will have to keep them in line and stay just as active as we have been with the current administration. Just because Republicans take majorities again, does not mean we’re in the clear. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he stated, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Let’s get this done folks, for America’s future.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

A Heavy Heart

How do I defend this nation, when more and more I see the Constitution burned and my flag spit on. When the people who are considered heroes are basketball stars, and the troops forgotten by so many.

Too many times have I watched the laziness consume my people. I pray for hearts to be softened, petition, write representatives, do service for others, educate, and for what?

There is hope. Hope that we can change our course. Hope that one life is changed. Hope, though only a glimmer, still shines for America.

There is faith. Faith in our Lord to see us through. Faith my family will somehow make it. Faith in our nation’s finest to do the right thing.

My honor. To our country, my oath, my family…

I fight because there is no other path. I would rather die proud in my convictions on my own feet that live on my knees.

I pledged my honor to defend what this country.stands for, and what she should be.

My path is not for the weak. Often I walk it alone. My heart is heavy.and full of sorrow because of what I see. One man standing for truth and honor. My voice is America’s. Who will stand?? Who has the courage to do what is right?

I wonder if I’m alone on this path. God moves me to do this, and I will obey.

Numquam cede. Libertatem aut mors. God bless and be with you if you choose to join me. God help those who wish for tyranny.

Bringin the Chicken

Tonight’s meal I decided to make some buffalo chicken I

I don’t reveal Mg secret recipes, but suffice it to say, this is one kickin chicken. I made sure to top the chicken with some pineapple for a nice sweet and spicy blend of flavors.

I used a Spanish rice with sausage for the side, and to ensure balanced nutrition, added some broccoli for a vegetable.image