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Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

I wanted to take a moment and thank God for the blessings in my life before I go on.

Caleb, Conner, Kenzie, Brandon, & Evan: you make me so happy being a dad! Liz, you make me whole.

My life is not perfect. Many times it’s been a struggle. I am a man, and as such, am flawed. But I love my life, though simple it may be. It is my life, and I am blessed to share this with,my wife, two sons, two step sons, and a daughter.

The government is trying to tell you what their idea is for just what you need to be happy: cell phones, home ownership, equal pay, a car, mediocrity in a job, etc.

Well let me tell you about my life. I am very happy. But I am,not happy because of anything fancy.

I don’t own a big screen TV (don’t own a TV at all). I don’t own a sports car, but my mini van does the job to carry my family. I don’t have fancy clothes, but I feel great donating clothes to the poor who really need them. I’ll stick with my 5 dollar shirts so others can be clothed.

I only get to take my wife out once or twice a month. But we have a great relationship because we do charity together, and do simple things to show love & appreciation.

I do not have a six figure income, but the bills are paid. I’m not a NY Times bestseller, but I feel a success because I got to share my book with the world.

I don’t have a multi-billion dollar corporation, but I love making my own hours and slowly watching my business grow. I don’t take my kids to Disneyland, but my boys don’t notice because we go on our own adventures to parks, outdoors, etc.

All sorts of people out there have such a “give me” attitude and think that getting stuff will make them happy. You are allowed to pursue happiness, but don’t let someone else (government, Hollywood, etc.) tell you what you should pursue.

We are free, and get to choose our destiny. My pursuit happened to be a family. One full of love. I am fulfilling my dream. My second pursuit was being my own boss. Slowly this unravels too.

What is your pursuit?

The Real War


There is a war happening right now. It is not happening in some far away battlefields. No. It’s happening right here in our country.

It is a war against your rights. Your Constitution. Your liberty.

There have already been casualties. You may know who they are: free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of property, just to name a few.

Many don’t know this is happening because they are being enticed by government hand outs. Free phones, free food, free medical care, free housing. The progressives in DC are creating a lazy, incompetent, dependent class of people to continue putting them back into office.

They are promising everything except a dam unicorn, and I’m sure they are working with your tax dollars to engineer another entitlement of the.genetically altered horse, so they can promise that too.

I’m a US Marine. Hard work is a way of life. I am a grunt, and I know war when I see it.

Let’s go over the speech:
Don’t offend Islam, blacks, hispanics, gays, or any other minority. Don’t speak up and stand for your Christian beliefs. Don’t slander the prophet of Islam. Don’t make videos that might make another cry. But please feel free to burn the flag, piss on a crucifix, put shit around a picture of the Virgin Mary, stone Christians, and remove all aspects of christianity from any public view. Don’t believe me? Google it.

The government has declared you to be a likely terrorist if you are pro-life, pro-constitution, love the flag, belong to a “radical” tea party group, are Christian, served UN the military, read books about the Founders, blog the truth, or any pro liberty speech.

You have been declared the enemy. Hell, at the rate I’m going I’ll be in Gitmo for standing up the way I have.

You need to arm yourself. In the literal and literary sense. You need to exercise your second amendment rights, because arms are liberty’s teeth.

Read! Arm yourself with knowledge. You are being fed lies DAILY by news outlets in the mainstream. You are being lied to DAILY by our government representatives. You need to verify everything!

Read what the Founders believed. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Jay, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Nathaniel Hale, Patrick Henry…

Learn, and live. Ignore and be bound by the chains coming with your own dollars.

Why aren’t you fighting America? Why don’t you see? I cannot defend your rights if you will not stand too!

This is our tome to preserve liberty. Will we be only patriots when it’s easy? Will we let ourselves fall into a life of depravity and slavery for the sake of goodies?

You must declare yourself a free citizen! You are! You are the master of your destiny. You are the governor of your life! You decide who will represent you! You are who the government should fear!

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and fight. How many brave men and women have fought for you? Will you now stop honoring their sacrifice for a free phone?

We must choose whether we will have liberty, or our country will have death.

We have the power because we are free. The government knows this, which is why they want to strip liberty from you: they want the power.

Stand firm ye guardians of liberty. This fight calls for eternal vigilance. Join me on the watchtower and send the message to Washington that we will not go silently into the night.

Resolve for yourself here and now you will defend our sacred rights endowed by our Creator, and NO MAN has claim to our lives, our liberties, our pursuits of happiness.

The future of this country belongs to those willing to bring this fight to the domestic enemies of freedom. This future is yours! Take it!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with you in this war.

I Will Not Be Silent

Twenty three United States Marines, heroes, fathers, brothers, sons died fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq. They were my friends. They ARE American heroes.

Yet this sad excuse of a president wants to pander to the violence I fought along side of those twenty three.

Here’s my message to you Obama:

You are a weak excuse of a man. Twelve of those Marines I either held while they died or picked up their still bodies.

We fought to protect our country from the sorts of evil YOU invite into the White House my countrymen pay for.

You apologize for our actions? WE are the  reason a pathetic worm like you could weasel his way into a political position. If it weren’t for the men you betray, you’d have no freedom here.

You disgust me, and spit on the graves of over five thousand Marines, sailors, airmen, and soldiers who have paid for freedom with THEIR PATRIOT BLOOD!

I will not sit quietly while you lie to my people. You are a treasonous snake, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you are evicted and take no more liberty from my country.

I declare you an enemy of America. You have aided terrorists and embolden them with your words. You are the domestic enemy I swore to fight.

You are a perverter of my Constitution. You have soiled what my flag represents, and you will be held accountable.

I am putting you, along with any other defilers of liberty, on notice. I will NEVER rest. I will NEVER be silent. I will uphold the oath you NEVER meant.

This is my country. My friends died that we would be free. They are my brothers, and I will never forget their sacrifice.

I swear on my sacred honor as a United States Marine I will stand for liberty and justice. I am called Marine Vet for Freedom for a reason.

We are awake. We will be heard. Your wishes for America to fall will not happen, so long as I draw breath.

November 6th you will see America rise and declare a second independence from your tyranny! You will not kill our country!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors,
Craig Bowden

The Media Bias


Why is it that accurate, unbiased reporting has fallen to the wayside? Journalism is supposed to be about objectively informing people, not putting spin on a story or, in some cases, altering the truth intentionally to fit some sort of agenda.

It has been left up to the bloggers, talk radio hosts, and non-affiliated networks to report reality.

You have MSNBC actually doctoring tapes to fit their love for Obama agenda.

During a recent Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was speaking to introduce Governor Mitt Romney.

As Mr. Romney took the stage, the crowd began chanting “Romney, Romney, Romney!” The former governor cut the crowd off and got them chanting “Romney, Ryan. Romney, Ryan” instead.

MSNBC correspondents wasted no time doctoring and spinning the media on this one. They made it look as if the crowd were chanting for Paul Ryan, and Mr. Romney was making sure to include himself.

They attempted to make Romney look like he was self-aggrandizing and taking the limelight away from his running mate.

This old Marine is not fooled, and you shouldn’t be either. Mr. Romney did a superb job making sure the crowd understood they are a team, working together, and deflected attention back to his VP pick. That shows so much humility on the part of Romney, and is a breath of fresh air from the holier-than-thou, pompous, arrogance that comes from the sitting president.

I hate to say it, but I truly believe we are losing televised news. They have become puppets in the liberal propaganda machine. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Stalin would be proud of CBS, NBC, CNN and ABC.

It’s time to stop listening to their garbage and start paying attention to values in politics. We cannot get an honest report  especially in politics.

Educate yourselves America. It’s the only way we’ll survive.

Limiting Our Free Speech

The Obama Administration is Hell bent on taking away one of our most fundamental liberties: free speech. His recent comments made during a UN speech make this apparent.


He is willing to sacrifice our freedoms to appease radical Islamists. Even to this day he refuses to acknowledge The rioting in The Middle East, specifically Libya, was associated with terrorism as an anniversary to The attacks on 9/11.

He has been peddling some stupid video as the cause for the violence. We all agree The movie is moronic. It was a clearly low-budget, piece of crap; The guy who made it is an idiot.

So let him show how stupid he is. There’s no need to apologize. By apologizing, you give creedence to The maker’s stupidity. Get a grip Mr President.

And The future is for EVERY freedom loving American. If someone is going to show themselves to be stupid, I say let them do it. When you act stupidly, you don’t sway anyone to your side.

The movie may have been offensive, but violence should not be excused for an opinion. And I do not see Christians carrying RPGs, rifles, or mortars to protest the “piss Christ.”

We have the right to speak. We will speak. And the future belongs to us because we will choose to stand up for our rights. No opinion is greater than another.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with us.

Will We Give In?

President Obama has really begun to pander toward Islamic extremists throughout the world. He talks of how we must tolerate their point of view, and seeks to limit our free speech yet again.

Where are the calls for tolerance from the Muslim world toward our American way of life? Let’s use a visual to show you the kind of tolerance this president wants.


Little of this.


A little of that.


Are you feeling the peacefulness yet?


I sure hope our president apologizes again, since it works so well.

These types of protests and riots are started by members of the “democratic movements” of the Muslim Brotherhood. The same ones our president supports.

It’s time for him to go. A president who supports this is not fit to lead the nation of liberty.

Why I Can’t Support Obama


President Barack Hussein Obama is one incumbent I could never support. I knew from the beginning he was little more than a cult of personality with ideas to fundamentally change the country I love. He promised change, and he brought it. It’s just not the kind of change many thought.


This man has no respect for the flag I served under for eight years of my life. Two of them under his “leadership.” He refused to wear a flag pin for a while, doesn’t place his hand over his heart, and desecrates the flag with his own perverted versions.



His economic policies have LED to the most unemployment over 8% than ANY modern president.


This “president” blames Bush for high debt & deficts,, in spite of evidence from OMB showing otherwise. (this includes blame on the Iraq war).


He has bowed to world leaders. All while apologizing for our great country.


He is supported by dictators Hell bent on the destruction of America.


He ignored the crisis of the middle east while Americans died, and flags were burned. Then he passes blame to a movie instead of recognizing extreme Islamic terrorists were the ones to blame.


After denying this for so long, he tried to get the heat off him for a truthful statement made by Governor Romney.


He has not delivered on being the most transparent presidency. But demands records of his opponent.


He even stated he can’t affect change from within DC during a recent interview with Univision.


Gas prices continue to skyrocket, hurting every middle income family across the country.


He is not a president by any stretch of the word. So we’re left with a choice. You will decide America’s future.


Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with us.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

So, there was a nice quote about President Obama from good old Barbara Streisand. A perfect example of a Hollywood elitist, who doesn’t have a clue about anything.


She actually has the gall to say that Obama is somehow “fiscally responsible.” Now, I know that as conservatives, we can understand the words written and spoken about fiscal responsibility, and we know the president is a massive failure.

Unfortunately, I forgot my crayons, so a graphic showing deficit spending should do the trick for our liberally challenged friends out there.


Please note that the chart included the years President Bush was in office. Now, I by no means give old Dubya a pass for deficit spending, because there is a good amount.

But you see with the pretty colors just how much more was spent under Barry. Now the reason I chose a chart that included the war in Iraq is simple: a lot of Dems like Barbara like to claim the massive deficits were caused by the war.

Now note also that these figures are from the Office of Budget Management (OBM). This is a NONPARTISAN BODY!

I rest my case about BHO being a horrible spender. Oh, did I mention the 6 trillion dollars of the 16 are under Obama? Nearly one third of ALL the nation’s debt under his watch.

Fiscally responsible? I think not Miss Streisand. Perhaps you should go to an economics class. You May learn this thing called math, and Obama’s doesn’t add up.

Keep up the fight and let’s get this guy out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


Pledging to Obama?


So now we have a new Obama flag. And now we have celebrities in Hollywood asking people of this nation to pledge allegiance to a man! How much more dictator like is he going to get.


I will pledge to no man. My allegiance is to our flag, the United States Constitution, and this nation’s people. My oath has always been to defend these things.

As an action for you, I request that you us the graphic below and spread to everyone you know. Put it all across social media that you pledge to the country and not a man. Get this viral!


Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

God be with you all.

Obama’s Disrespectful Flag


Ok. So this is going to be a rant. Even I get emotions at times. And right now this Marine is fuming. This message is for Obama from a pissed off Jarhead.

Mr. President,

You see this piece of garbage pictured below:


This is a spit in the face of every person who wore a uniform to fight and die for the flag you and your campaign buddies just desecrated. You are narcissistic filth and do not deserve the title commander in chief.

You dare to place your socialist image on the flag that stands for individual liberty?! How dare you.

How many men and women died to preserve what our flag represents? You are a disgrace to this nation, and will be the WORST president in American history. This is reprehensible and disgusting.

This is not the first time you held utter disdain for my flag. How many times have you not placed your hand over your heart to honor the symbol that represents our country’s greatness and principles?


You are a variable plethora of disease bearing antipathy. I suppose at least now you have a flag your arrogant self will stand to honor.

I cannot wait to help vote you out of office. The American people I fought for deserve better out of their president. You are worthless.

Enjoy your move in January you vile betrayer of America.

Craig Bowden. Formerly serving Sergeant of Marines & one angry combat veteran.