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The Roman Rant pt 1


I have to rant about the focus of this country for a moment. I do Rome comparisons for a reason. We are step for step going the same route.

Over the last couple weeks I have watched the chatter in my networks turn from politics to football.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing before being injured, and I love a good game. But, we just lost our country to a man hell bent on destroying America as we know it.

The Romans employed the gladiator games very efficiently when taxation, wars, and misery were high, to keep the people happy. Same with football. Now everything is shifting into that direction to keep Americans entertained.

Wake up and look at what is going on folks! The dollar is about to implode, taxes are about to skyrocket, DHS just ordered more drones for a DOMESTIC fleet, and you all are worried about an injury roster, or tracking stats of your favorite teams/players.

This is what they want you to do! I have no problem if you watch football, but get back in the fight. Our future depends on it. Quit enveloping yourself entirely in the gladiator games.

Keep the mentality of Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors. We are losing this battle without you fighting.

Please don’t fall for the distractions.

Common Sense Christmas

Would you consider spending $6 to check out a book containing insights in restoring the promise & greatness of America?

This would make a great gift for a patriot family member too.

Please consider purchasing a copy of Common Sense: How to Restore America

Thanks for reading MarineVetForFreedom. Freedom will be won!

God Bless

Want Real Growth

I have been getting argued with a lot on twitter for my 140 character limited statements about the economy. Many simply do not grasp the concept of growth as the most feasible avenue to create a nearly endless stream of revenue. Unfortunately twitter does not have the ability for me to break things down in a comprehensive manner.

First, I would like to state, since many of these liberals ask my qualifications on economics, what gives me a good idea of the happenings of economics.

To be honest, I don’t have an economics degree, or any degree for that matter. Never could get through the attempts to indoctrinate me to become liberal. My thoughts come from experience in the real world of business running three businesses in my life time.

I have also worked several years in the business division of the Internal Revenue Service, working unemployment tax, employment tax, corporate tax, and partnership tax returns (as well as amended returns).

This combination of firsthand experience has given insight into what is good, bad, and ugly about the policies from Washington D.C.

So let’s start with the biggest crippler of business growth: taxes.

I can tell you right now, it’s way too complicated and way too expensive the way things go at present. As a matter of fact, the tax code is so complicated, not a single person in the government or private organization knows the code in it’s entirety. And with over 80,000 pages of legal jargon, it’s not hard to understand why.

What needs to be done is simple: adopt a plan that applies equally to all wage earners in the United States. The plan I would like to propose is really simple.

(1) An even rate that applies to everyone that earns money, regardless of the source. Ten percent.

(2) Ten percent corporate income tax.

(3) Ten percent estate/gift tax over 50,000 dollars.

(4) Privatize social security to prevent government moving in and raiding the supposed “lock box” like was done, and has continued since the Clinton administration.

(5) Eliminate deductions. And I do mean all deductions. Also get rid of credits (because taking from someone else to give to another simply for having children is morally wrong).

A lot of people see this as callous. I see it as fair. No one escapes paying. And no one gets special treatment. Some will complain the rich aren’t paying their fair share, well let me use easy math to show that as wrong.

You make 30,000 a year. You pay 3,000. Mr. Rich makes 100 million, he pays 10 million. So tell me why when he pays 9,993,000 more, it’s not fair? He got where he is through a combination of luck and skill. And this makes it easier for you to get there too.

By lowering the rates to this level, businesses will expand like never seen before, and be able to more easily afford better wages and benefits, so everyone hired also wins.

This also puts America as the most competitive to start a business, which breeds competition, driving prices lower, benefiting the employees even more.

Also, as employers hire more people, two things happen: the unemployment rates drop and more revenue is created.

If just 100 million people have jobs at a median wage of 40,000 per year, you have an income tax revenue of 4,000,000,000,000. That is four trillion dollars! Without even touching the business owners, corporate taxes, or capital gains!

Now factor that the large corporations makes 50 billion in profit annually, and there are 100 such corporations. That equates to 5 trillion dollars in profit, or 500 billion In tax revenue. This doesn’t account for small or medium business that don’t bring in billions.

Potentially we are talking 6 trillion in tax revenue without even touching capital gains or estate taxes.

That is enough to pay our current spending levels and pay down about one trillion in national debt per year. That is without cutting one dime of spending.

That’s about 17 years to debt freedom and then cutting taxes across the board to 5% once debt is gone.

You could cut that amount of time to about ten years with spending cuts.

So there you have it. Common sense no one in D.C. Is willing to talk about. They’d rather divide party against party instead of uniting the country.

Bear in mind these are averages, but would be practical if applied properly. This is the ball park we could and should be in.

God bless

Join the Fight

I’ve been trying very hard to help people understand exactly how to restore America to a country of principles and constitutionally limited government.

I have been writing on my blog, sharing news, sharing articles, hosting constitution study groups, participating in political action groups, petitioning, and even wrote a book.

In spite of my efforts, people still remain ignorant to what I am talking about, and most of the people I do reach are too self absorbed to take action.

How hard is it to read? How hard is it to sign something?

I have been doing my best to uphold the oath I took when I entered the Marine Corps, but it seems not many understand the level of commitment it takes to help restore America.

They all seem to be looking at an easy fix, & complaining on social media. Why not start actually doing something? Even if you only pick one thing you believe you can help with, do it!

The only way this country survives is with the involvement of its citizens. We must be ready and willing to defend the ideals that make this country great. We cannot allow the status quo to remain.

Our Founding Fathers knew it would require the people staying active and involved in politics in order for the country to succeed as a republic. We need to step it up, or their dream will go the way of the Roman Empire.

Please join me in the fight!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

-Craig Bowden

Shut Down Liberal Bias UPDATED


We need to attack, and attack hard. The mainstream media is part of the problem in this country. One of the guys I support on Twitter has a plan to starve the beast by going after MSM sponsors.

Send them messages that you will not support their business until they pull their ads from MSM networks.

Just Google them to find their emails, PR office numbers, complaint departments, etc. Then back it up by not buying their products.

The American people deserve truth and not a media that promotes progressive ideologies. It is one thing for a political pundit to favor a party and offer opinion. It is another to assist in protecting an administration and other political figures by actively suppressing the truth.

Also stop watching their networks if you haven’t done so already.

I am also throwing Hollywood liberals under the bus too. Directors, actors, etc. We’ll starve them too.

So, to do my part, as they come in I will add to this page for your use.

Bank of America
Oral B
Campbell Soup
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Buffalo Wild Wings
Ben & Jerry’s

General Electric

George Clooney
Spike Lee
Steven Spielberg
Michael Moore
Scarlett Johanson
Beyonce Knowles
Jay Z
Jennifer Anniston
Matt Damon
Jackie Chan
Whoopi Goldberg
Kelly Clarkson
Jim Carey
Tina Fey
Alec Baldwin
Will Ferrell
Snoop Dogg
Jay Mohr
Jamie Foxx

Solving Immigration

Alright. So it seems lots of Republicans are getting on the amnesty bandwagon in the attempt to boost their standing among Hispanics. This is not the way to handle the immigration problems in this country (and as a side note, we need to all stop looking at the group demographics and instead look at what is best for this nation; we’re all Americans, so no need to use a hyphen to divide us).

So what can we do to curtail the problem? Well friends, there is no quick fix answer.

I do not claim to be the most knowledgeable person, but in taking a common sense approach, I believe my plan very well could work.

1. Close and protect our borders. It goes without saying that with both borders being as open and insecure as they are, we cannot stop the flow of people coming in.

So what needs to be done, with regard to the border, is to first allow our border agents and states enforce the laws. This isn’t a hard tasking and should be done immediately. Secondly, we need to erect a solid wall, with multiple barriers. More sensors, more fencing, and more boots on the ground. Lastly, we need to allow our agents to be able to have access to the full length of the border (there are “protected” wildlife areas where much of the traffic happened).

2. Full prosecution of employers hiring illegal. The government needs to make it so appealing, that employers would end up stopping the hiring.

In with this, we should also require businesses to use social security verification. This should no longer be a voluntary program. All workers in this country must be able to be legally verified.

3. I do not believe that we should just up and deport illegal. What I would do is to allow one of two options: you can apply for citizenship and move to the back of the line, or leave. If the person chooses to apply, they will be given a temporary tax ID to have income tax removed from pay. They would not be allowed access to our welfare system, however, until they become citizens.

This would allow for families to stay together.

4. I believe in a couple options to boost your chances and speed up the path to citizenship: either having critical skills needed to help grow America (science, engineering, etc.) or becoming a member of the United States Armed Forces. In fact, after two years service or if operationally deployed, I believe that non-citizens should be sworn in as citizens at that point.

So there you have it. My common sense approach. That is what I have thought of, and I welcome other ideas. Hopefully I can bring this sort of plan into the United States.

God Bless.

Time to Prepare

I spent my youth as a member of Boy Scouts and the majority of my adult life in the Marine Corps. Both organizations have something in common: they teach you to always be prepared. Whether working on a Wilderness Survival merit badge or patrolling the streets of Fallujah, the lesson of preparedness was always on my mind.

It’s time we start using this mindset in our daily lives. With economic uncertainty and crises reaching globally, we cannot be sure of the future.

I have always held the mentality of hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I cannot tell you what is going to happen, so most of preparing yourself and your family will be left to your own devices. I’ll  tell you what I have been doing and why. The rest is up to you.

First and foremost, it is imperative to have a meet up plan encompassing various scenarios. We have seen several disasters in this country, so knowing where to meet in the event of a catastrophe is paramount. My family has a plan for various localities and situations. From a fire in our home, when kids are at school, when one of the adults (me or my wife) are at work, etc.

This plan ensures that each member of my family knows where to go, who to pick up, and phone numbers to contact. We don’t want to be the family in a disaster putting up missing person pictures on bulletin boards.

Now, a plan like this is only good if it is practiced and talked about. Part of every week is spent doing fire drills, discussing pick up points, and making sure each person knows what to do based on a given situation. It also helps to have this information readily accessible in a binder.

My second bit of advice, now that you are working on your plan to ensure family can stay together, is to gather essential items like food, water, and fuel to last approximately two to three weeks at a minimum. We saw with the duration of Super Storm Sandy’s effects, where people did go weeks without bare necessities.

Many people and websites do suggest a 72 hour kit, but practicality tells us the government moves slowly in relief efforts, so we should not be reliant on their resources.

You will want to have a good two week or more supply of food. There are camping outlets that sell packaged dinners as well as MREs. If you can afford it, there are also several companies that offer food storage solutions like Daily Bread and Food Storage Chef. The point is, you need to be ready to feed your family without outside help.

You’ll also need drinking water. This is one of the easiest items to find, since stores all across three United States sell packages of water bottles. You are going to need about three or four boxes per person to be effective with this, so start getting these now.

Also remember the key with food and water is the fact that they both have limited shelf lives, so rotation becomes very important. I suggest using some every month and replacing what was used, to guarantee your supply stays in good standing.

I also recommend having an area set aside in your home for all your emergency supplies. In my case, I use the back wall of my garage.

Food and water are essential, but you will likely need other supplies in order to make it through a disaster.

I recommend getting a full stock of basic medical supplies. There is the possibility that if something happens, hospitals and clinics will be swamped, so it’s best to be able to take care of minor injuries yourself. Tied with this I would suggest taking first aid classes to ensure you know what to do.

Sanitation is of high importance, especially if water utilities have been damaged. I suggest having a solar shower (available in sporting good stores) for bathing, hand sanitzer, sanitizing wipes, and jugs of water (the kind you’d find for camping). I also recommend having extra tooth brushes, tooth paste, and other sanitation supplies packed for each family member.

Sometimes it is necessary to evacuate an area, so I advise having a “ready bag” packed for each member of your family. In the bags you should have a few sets of clothing, warm weather gear, blanket, flashlight, batteries, small food items like granola bars, a water bottle, etc. You should also have a family bag with other essentials and I recommend a couple books and maybe a game or two, especially if you have kids.

A few other items I suggest having in your emergency area are a camp stove, propane, wind up radio, firewood, and at least 25 gallons of gas for your vehicle.

Always keep your gas tank above half, because you never know how far you may have to drive in an evacuation.

I’ll have a full comprehensive list on my website Common Sense Coalition for those who wish to be fully prepared, but I advise you start doing your emergency preparedness now. It’s time to move away from the 72 hour kit mentality and into a more independent survival mode.

God bless.

I Need Some Blow Man

(Parody of Frosty the Snowman)

I need some blow, man
That is what Obama said.
So he called his Choom pals and got some snow
Then he ragged on you &me.

Who runs the government
When Obama’s high like this?
Just a socialist Iranian
By the name Valerie Jarrett.

There must have been some magic in
That line of coke he used.
For when it went up in his nose
Some drone strikes he did choose.

Down through DC village
With Eric Holder his right hand man.
Ignoring things like voter fraud
And Fast & Furious gun running scams.

He went all through the streets of town
Saying we should pay our fair share.
And he only paused a moment to yell “You’re stuck with Obamacare!”

Obama’s a bad man
Knew what happened in Benghazi that day.
Refused to call it a terror strike
Blamed YouTube anyway.

Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump
Obama’s got to go.

Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump
With him America can’t grow!

Joy to the World (Parody Lyrics)

Joy to the world

Veterans Day 2012

Today I really need to address something very near and dear to my heart: our nation’s veterans. As many of you have gathered, I have joined their ranks. What I am going to ask you to do throughout this message is not for me, but for those struggling as veterans after giving so much to our country.

The first thing I am going to ask, is that if you see a veteran, please thank them. On some of my bad days, someone has noticed a hat or shirt with Marine logos and thanked me. This turned my whole day around.

Some vets are struggling very hard with some memories, and a sincere thanks can help massively. Especially if they served in a conflict that was looked down on by the media, or protested heavily. A lot of time they doubt they did anything worthwhile in their service. Don’t ask questions. Just thank them.

If you see a vet struggling at all, please also help them with getting the professional help and referrals they may need. A lot of them are overwhelmed and don’t know where to go. My advice is to take them to a Veteran Service Organization or VSO.

The most common ones that I have worked with are Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars. These two organizations help vets navigate the bureaucracy of the Veterans Administration.

If you don’t know where a local chapters is located, try your state website for veteran information. Most often they will have the numbers.

I highly recommend donating to the two mentioned VSOs. They operate to assist our nation’s heroes. Every donation helps.

Remember to take time today to give thanks for the millions of courageous men and women who came before us and paid their time to help keep America the most free land in the world.

God bless.