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Common Sense On Guns


Here’s a question or two:

I don’t have to register my religion or apply for a permit to practice my faith. Why do I need to register a gun?

I don’t have to have a permit to carry a sign with my beliefs written, or carry a newspaper. Why do I need one to carry a gun?

I am allowed to voice my opinion through various methods (blog, letter to editor, etc.) with no restrictions. Why can’t I own a variety of ways to defend my home?

The second amendment guarantees my right to own and carry a firearm. In plain English it states shall not be infringed.

There aren’t conditions laid out in this amendment to be able to bear arms. So why do we allow the government the ability to put conditions for us to freely exercise our rights?

It’s time for the madness to end. If you’re a law abiding citizen, there is ZERO excuse to bar your rights.

Stand up for what is yours. Quit letting progressive people dictate what they’ll allow you to do.

We are in charge, not them. We pay their wages, we select if they will have continued employment for us. We have the power.

Do not fear them. Challenge them. Stand up to them. Tell them no when they contradict your rights.

Few Questions

So, stepping away from the gun debate for a minute, I do have a couple questions for Obama supporters.

1. How are you even remotely ok with President Obama violating the 5th & 6th amendments by executing a US citizen via drone strike in Yemen? As well as this man’s 16 year old son? On suspicion (not proof) of terror ties? And when did suspected ties, even if discovered true (in a court of law mind you), become a capital offense?

2. Are you ok with the President signing a law that makes it illegal to rally or protest anywhere there is a Secret Service agent? And that it is a felony to do so? Do you not agree with free speech?

3. Are you ok with even more Bill of Rights violations by his continuance of the USA PATRIOT Act? I remember you screaming it was evil under Bush. What changed? Were you even aware he renewed this in 2010?

4. Why are you ok with taking money away from me to pay for everything else (social programs, et al)? I am not a millionaire, even by Obama’s definition, but I have watched him sign several tax hikes that directly affect my pay and retirement. You are ok with that? Even though I work hard to take care of five kids?

5. Why are you not speaking up against his war mongering? You accused Bush of it for two wars that had Congressional approval, but are silent as Obama sent troops and military action unto Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, and UAE? Why is it ok for him to kill civilians via air strikes?


All throughout my timelines on social media, I see people outraged or celebrating their football team.

Well I am outraged right now too. But about REAL life events.

Today American hostages were executed in Algeria by Muslim extremists AND THIS ADMINISTRATION DID NOTHING!

The best the State Department could do was make a statement saying taking hostages was bad.

This is the SECOND time in a few months that Americans were killed while this Obama administration watched on.

He’ll bomb Libya, drone Pakistan, attack Yemen, and send arms to Syria to “promote democracy” and supposedly put al Quaeda on the run.

Yet the very group he says we have decimated, is the same group that just executed AMERICANS!

Where is the media? Where is Code Pink protesting war? Where is the outrage? Will this asshole “president” even acknowledge the tragedy at his inauguration?

You know what America, just go the fuck back to sleep and enjoy your games from Caesar. You’re so blind to the disregard the man has for the people of this country.

I am done defending you sheep. I will only fight with those willing to speak up and fight for their rights. The rest of you will just have to wake up when we are no longer a republic.

I’ve tried but you sheep have failed. Not me.

Action Update Jan. 20, 2013


Throughout the United States, many people have started waking up. They are starting to see exactly what is happening, and they are starting to voice their frustrations.

In a campaign started by MarineVetForFreedom, we assisted the National Association for Gun Rights obtain thousands of signatures, and helped get 2290 letters to Washington DC.

I cannot report numbers on other rallies for Gun Appreciation Day, but 3,000 patriots in Utah braved the 10-15 degree weather and met at the steps of Utah’s capital building to be heard. Waving American flags, and holding signs in support of our natural right to self defense. I saw photos from around the country with much the same. Utah’s rally erupted into a swell of chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

There are also groups standing up for individual liberty. NAGR , NRA, Oathkeepers, the III% militia movement, and so many more.

In Northern Utah we are seeing the activation of Constitutional Action Committees and there has been a civilian defense group activated in case the federal government moves against the people it is meant to protect.

MarineVetForFreedom is also helping grow many of these events and planning several of their own. Things are reaching 1774 status, but we are pushing for peaceful resolution, & it is looking like as more people wake up, we may be able to avoid a civil war.

Let’s keep the momentum going! We can change the course and take back our destiny!

Keep spreading the petitions, commit to resisting ( if you haven’t go to our Plan to Resist page here: and take all actions), and keep you voice.

Thank you all for your dedication.

God bless America!

Northern Utah Citizen Defense Force


I have been asked by several individuals to head up a new project in defense of our God-given, natural rights.

This is the official, and public statement, that I will be accepting this charge.

I am humbled to be trusted with this, and pray that God will give me the ability and strength to serve this nation well.

I have been feeling this opposition to the Constitution from our government for a long time. I never thought I would see the rise of tyranny in my lifetime, but it is happening.

I took an oath eleven years ago to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and it is because of this oath I must act.

We will begin tactical training as soon as we can start meeting. It will start from the very basics and advance from that point. It should be noted that this is for defensive action only. The only offensive actions we will take as of now is through lawful channels, unless this government continues to infringe on these rights.

We will train to protect what is ours from God, but continue in petitioning this government to turn back from this dangerous path. As a Boy Scout we were always taught to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, so that is the intent of this force.

We will stand ready if the government moves on the people, and become experts in our field as citizen soldiers while fighting the legal front for our rights. We have come to the tipping point.

We are in 1774 and this government will decide the course, but as a free people, we will not give our ground; this is our land, our country. Our nation’s Declaration of Independence states that we have inalienable rights, rights this current form of government steps on.

I do not wish to fight, but if one is to be had, I will not go quietly into the night. I will stand for what is right. I will uphold my oath. I ask any patriots who are in the area, and wish to join me in this, to please contact me.

You will be held to a high standard; you will swear before God to defend the Constitution; and you will be asked to fight back against tyrants. I cannot guarantee the outcome. But there is no more noble a cause than to stand against oppression.

May God see us through. Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

Craig R. Bowden
N.U.C.D.F., Commanding

Involve Your Sheriff


This is an update to the plan to resist gun control/bans I posted a little while ago:

One of the options we have on the table is to get our local sheriff on board to publicly reject enforcing such measures.

We have already had several to include a sheriff from Oregon write Vice President Biden to inform he will not enforce.

Also, in Utah, every county sheriff has also pledged non support of any bans.

Most sheriffs are elected by the people, so they do listen to constituent concerns about law enforcement.

Write and call your sheriff to get him or her on board.

Keep up the fight patriots!

Sunshine Patriots and Summer Soldiers


I am actually starting to get irritated at so called patriots. Some of you out there are not doing what you can to help out. I know because I have poured a lot of resources and time into the latest action call.

When I wrote “Plan to Resist” it was meant for you to educate yourself, others, and take direct action.

My internal numbers don’t lie.

Sure there have been just over 7k who took some sort of action (as claimed), but let me break it down:

Over 10 thousand tweets/Retweets. 3k more than declared action takers. And that is just off my tweets. Now, you might say, wow, good numbers. No!

On the petition site, only 600 emails have been sent with just over 200 signers. 700 separate people sent tweets (doesn’t include the fact I’ve driven traffic from other sites).

Quit just posting the article, if you refuse to put your name up. Do not expect someone else to do something you aren’t willing to take five minutes to do. If you aren’t going to take the action necessary, don’t bother posting my article. You aren’t even trying!

This is not the time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots. In 1776 fifty two men signed a declaration pledging their lives, fortunes & sacred honor. They knew they’d be killed for treason if we lost.

You refuse to take a legal action in your freedom of speech they fought and died for! Five minutes of your time. Five simple dam minutes and the majority are too lazy to sign a petition, send a letter, & spread the word.

When they come for your rights, do not utter one word. And I know who many of you are. I monitor my internals closely. If you are not willing to use your voice now, when you still have the right, what makes you think it’ll matter after it is forcefully taken!?

For the few who stand, you deserve the thanks of everyone who is riding off your actions. May God shine his blessings upon you.

You understand the time for political correctness has ended. You are not fearful of the government, because you know your rights. And know they do not come from the government. That they are inalienable from birth!

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

The Resistance Movement


The resistance movement in America is growing exponentially. Every day more people are waking up to the fact that neither the Republican or Democrat parties are there for the good of the people.

In a campaign started yesterday by MarineVetForFreedom, we have already sent over two hundred emails, written almost one thousand letters, and have had almost 5,000 pledges of phone calls to representatives once a week.

We are pushing legal resistance to any gun control measures. It has been 100% grassroots without the backing of any of the big hitter organizations, yet still has ranks swelling.

The three percent of this nation is rising to protect liberty.

Our goal is 100k emails sent, 1 million phone calls made, & 4 million signers on our petition.

Join the cause. Details here:

God be with us. Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

Plan to Resist


We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history. The elitists in Washington DC appear they are moving to take away our right to keep an bear arms in direct violation of our second amendment rights.

As such, if legislation is passed, it is your right to lawfully resist any attempt to confiscate your arms.

I have come up with a basic plan to hopefully combat this situation, and I beg you to please listen to what I have to say.

1. Currently, it is only proposed at this stage. No legislation has been passed. As such, I need everyone who reads this to buy ammo and guns. Also, start training steadily to ensure your accuracy.

2. Since nothing is up for vote quite yet, I need each and every one of you to contact your Congressman and Senators every single day until they get the hint.

Email them every day and call once a week. Do not let up the pressure.

3. Sign these petitions (also sends an email to your representatives).

4. If legislation is passed, we must push our state Attorney General to sue the federal government so it can be heard before the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If they won’t listen to you push gun rights groups to sue.

5. DO NOT TURN IN OR REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS. Make them come for them. And keep them stored in different locations.

6. If they do come for you and your weapons, do not allow them in your home. It is unconstitutional for them to be there.

7. Video record any attempt to arrest you.

8. I am calling everyone to network with friends and family to create phone trees. Texting 2A to a family member or friend is their signal to call everyone to head to your home to witness, photograph, & video everything.

9. Once the media has been taken, upload immediately. On twitter use the hash tag #2Aalert to notify all in the patriot network.

10. Send to all media outlets possible. Local, as well as independent.

11. Protest in front of court houses, police stations, etc. If anyone you know is unconstitutionally detained.

This is a basic outline of how we will resist. Email any stories to me

And please forward this to everyone!

Three Percent


It is estimated that roughly three percent of the American population is actively fighting this government. These three percent are what stands between liberty and tyranny.

Many people, especially the main stream media, try to spin the truth about these men and women, not realizing that without the three percent, there would be no press.

We have come to a point in our history where we can no longer have people stand by and sit on the fence. We need people to join the three percent in taking action.

If you count yourself among the three percent, you need to double your education efforts to wake Americans up!

I am a part of the III%. My oath has been simple, and I swear it before God and the American people.

I, Craig Richard Bowden, do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the people and Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I will never give up. I will never surrender. I will never stop fighting.

Numquam cede, Libertatem aut mors.

So help me God.