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Dear President Obama

President Obama,

I felt the need to write you a letter to tell you how I feel. Make no mistake, this is not a piece of fan mail.

You see, I served my country for nearly eight years as a United States Marine. I did multiple combat tours and lost more friends than you can imagine. I love my country, and watching what is happening around me, kills me. You are making the loss of American lives worthless as your policies further destroy the nation we fought for.

Mr. President, you need to take a moment and look at what you are doing. If this is something you truly don’t get, it’s time for you to resign. If this is intentional, and you know the repercussions, then you are a traitor. As time goes on, I know that you aren’t a stupid man, meaning you are nothing more than a modern day Benedict Arnold.

I have been respectful to the office you hold, but I can no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. I have watched you spit on everything I stand for. Over the last four years, I have watched you break your oath repeatedly.

You assassinated an American citizen. Zero due process guaranteed this man were granted. There was no trial, no warrants, no jury of peers. Even if a man is suspected of breaking the law, that man is guaranteed his rights. This is not justice. This is not what America stands for.

Your departments have classified men like me as likely terrorists. What have I done to deserve that label? I served my country for nearly eight years, believe in liberty, stand for others’ rights, believe in God, own firearms I obtained legally, and speak out against the government when it steps outside the bounds of the Constitution.

You had the chance to help make America great again. You have failed. Unemployment is at record highs, spending has doubled under your watch, you sign unconstitutional laws, you use class warfare to divide people, you are still using campaign stump speeches instead of leading, you accept no blame for bad decisions but claim credit for others’ actions that make you look good, and you are constantly hypocritical.

I swore an oath, as did you. I served my country while your policies destroy it. I will not stand by. I will not comply with your unconstitutional policies. I will fight all efforts to restrict the rights of my countrymen. My brothers and I will fight you and those like you every step of the way. We are the spirit of 1776. We are patriots. We refuse to quit or fail because we do not recognize those words in our vocabulary.

Mark my words Mr. President, you will be known as the worst president in US history, and will fail.

Craig Bowden

Good News From Utah

Utah has moved one step closer to becoming a constitutional carry state. I personally believe this a good idea.

Private property owners would still be able to keep firearms off their property, but would allow for law abiding citizens to carry without a permit.

In cases like mine where it isn’t as affordable to obtain a permit, but I am a lawful citizen, this is good news.

While We Prepare

I have been saying for quite some time that the American people must prepare for the coming days of civil unrest and possible collapse of our dollar/established government.

I have cautioned people to stock up on weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, food, books, etc. I have asked people to learn various skills that would be useful in the event of these hard times ahead.

I have educated as best I am able on proper ways to save this country or start over if necessary.

Now I need to ask each and every one of you to do something more. While you make preparations for you and your family, I need you to build.

I need you to build up your family. Together you will become the most essential building block in the fight for our future. The family is the key to everything.

I need you to build up your community. We cannot have iron bars on our windows any more. We must become brothers and sisters, kindred spirits in a holy cause. We are America not the government!

We must create new bonds, new businesses, new products. We must innovate, invest, and invent! It’s time to go after dreams. It’s time to become our own masters and seize upon our God-given talents. It’s time to become self reliant.

The power to build is in each of us. We must pursue our happiness in building our communities. As we become self reliant, we become stronger. Cast off the yoke of consumer/debt slavery.

We can do this.

Make your preparations and build!

No Spending Problem?


The math doesn’t lie. The published numbers from the government have been fairly accurate on deficit spending. As can be seen with graphic above, the government does in fact have a spending problem. When you are spending more than 1 trillion dollars than you take in, spending must be cut. And I am not talking about programs that haven’t been implemented yet. Real, substantial cuts must be made. Entitlement programs must be cut, defense spending must be cut, budgets must be cut, non essential/redundant programs must be cut, and spending that is state specific must be cut. I also believe that until the budget is balanved, with a debt reduction plan in place, we must cut all foreign aid. As a family man, I know my family must have their needs taken care of before helping others. If we could take real steps and have real discussions in DC, we would be in a better place in America. It’s time to put pet projects and partisan politics aside. Do what is right for the whole country.

Our Modern Slavery

Slavery is essentially working against your will for a master. As free as we believe we are, this is far from truth. We are slaves to an ever growing government. They have selected themselves as our masters, and because of our sleepiness, have assisted them in shackling us to the wall.

Today our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars, and is projected to add nearly one trillion per year. We are held to the debt created by the people we elected.

Mathematically, this staggering number is nearly impossible to pay off, but instead of looking at ways to reduce spending, this government keeps spending more, borrowing more, and the best they seem to come up with is a “tax the rich” scheme.

We are being placed further into bondage every single time another dollar is spent. You, me, our neighbors, our kids, our grandkids, and further generations are going to spend their lifetimes paying this off, assuming of course the nation doesn’t collapse first.

We are in these chains because too few are willing to speak up and be heard, and too many are asking for hand outs (free goodies).

It’s time to stop the madness. From the family to the federal government: get out of debt! Your creditor is your master until you do.

Cut unnecessary spending. Save money. Create a surplus (wealth). Stop feeding the monster debt.

Many programs sound nice, but the costs and effects are harmful to each and every one of us. Most government programs are socialistic in nature because you take from one group of people to give it to another.

It’s ludicrous!

If we’re not going to stand now, our lives will become worse. Oppose the tyranny of this slavery. Fight against any new spending. Fight for reductions to the debt and spending.

Up to you America.

Roman Rant Pt 2

Earlier, I had posted about some similarity between ancient Rome and the United States. It is true that we are in fact on a very similar path. I’d say nearly to the point of allowing one man supreme powder, with a  representative body being dissolved.

In case you haven’t noticed, the executive branch of the United States has been consolidating a lot of power. This has been done through executive orders, creation of executive controlled agencies, and expanding the role of the president.

It has gotten to the point that the president has been able to order the execution of an American citizen with zero due process. He has also unilaterally sent troops into conflicts around the world.

He’s also stated several time that if Congress won’t act on a matter, he will. We are essentially looking at a modern day Caesar.

Do yourself a favor and read into Roman history. The parallels are scary. We are in line with Rome, and too many cannot see it.

If we let our nation go this path, we are doomed to fail. Wake up or history will repeat.

A New Medal

Time for an old, crusty Marine Sergeant to gripe about the Pentagon & our “esteemed” government.

It seems these idiots place more valor in drone pilots than boots on the ground. They recently approved a new medal ranking higher than the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

What the hell is wrong with these people?! The pilots are in ZERO danger, as they are miles removed from the battlefield. Most sit in air conditioned offices, essentially playing a dam video game.

This medal is a spit to the face of every warrior injured serving his or her country. This spits on every man and woman placed into harms way, who perform magnificently, with true valor.

I am so sick and tired of the participation trophy mentality of this country. This old Marine is disgusted.

Real State of the Union

My fellow Americans. I wish that I could deliver good news to you today. I wish I could tell you the future of this country was full of promise, prosperity, and light. Unfortunately, I cannot. I can only tell you what is wrong, and how we as a people can fix the many wrongs committed by elected politicians.

This economy is in shambles, and the United States no longer leads the world as a top producer. We are no longer competitive in the market, largely due to the crippling tax rates on businesses. With our rates nearing 40%, companies are not growing, and new businesses are not created.

We are riddled in debt. 16 trillion is a massive number. At the rate things in D.C. have been going, we will never be able to pay the debt off. Each month billions of dollars are going toward ONLY the interest on this staggering amount.

Many in the city of Washington D.C. would have you believe that our way out is to “tax the rich.” I am here to tell you today, this is not the case. Time and history have shown that raising taxes causes undo burden on all people of a nation. This country was founded, in part, by people protesting the taxes of the British Empire. We have become far removed from this reality. The solution has been to take more and spend ten times what we take. This must end!

We need drastic cuts and reforms to fix these problems. I am not speaking of superficial spending cuts. I am talking major cuts.

It is time to remove our military presence from bases all over the world. This will save billions of dollars for our nation. We must also cease aid to foreign nations, especially those who hate our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. They can hate us for free.

We must cut social programs in a drastic manner, and put tougher restrictions for their use. And we must go after fraud in these systems quickly, and harshly. There is no reason for food stamps to pay for alcohol. We cannot afford to reward bad behavior.

We must also cut taxes across the board to allow businesses to grow and hire the unemployed members of this nation.

Our unemployment is at 7.9%. This is far too high. As stated already, we can ease this burden by cutting the tax rates across the board. More people working will increase the revenue in a far more effective manner than implementing choking taxes.

We must also encourage business to hire veterans for leadership positions in the private sector. These brave men and women volunteer their lives on our behalf, and their leadership is proven from a young age. There are servicemen and women younger than 25 leading Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors in the most high stress environments imaginable. Even without a management degree, they have proven their worth, and we need to get them into jobs where their leadership skills can improve the economy.

Within the realm of helping our veterans obtain the jobs they deserve, we have for far too long ignored the wounds they have received while doing what was asked of them. We can no longer sit idly by as an average of 22 men and women take their own lives while they battle their inner scars, waiting two years or more on claims and medical care. We are the ones who asked them to go. They signed the checks up to an amount including their lives, yet we have brushed them aside when they return home. On 2012 we lost more of these brave souls to suicide, than in combat operations. We must get the resources to the warriors, and stop making excuses.

This administration; this Senate; this House; this Supreme Court have largely forgotten their oaths to preserve and protect the Constitution and people of the United States. It is time for this madness to stop now!

No more executive orders granting more and more power to the executive branch. No more military actions without Congressional approval. No more execution of American citizens. No more interpretation of the Constitution. There is a way to amend the document, and it was made intentionally difficult. It’s time we listen to our founders.

This Congress has failed to produce a budget for more than four years in spite of a majority of Democrats. I propose that if a budget is not passed, as required by our laws, not only should pay be frozen, but impeachment proceedings begin starting with the majority and minority leaders, then begin hitting other committee leaders, until a budget is passed. And a budget must include a reduction to the national debt.

The recklessness must end. The Constitution must be adhered to. This is but a small bit of our nation’s problems. There is so much that must be done. It took decades for erosion to take place. It will take decades to rebuild.

So I ask America, will you build with me?