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Why I Fight


I thought I’d take a moment and tell all who follow me, whether on radio, Twitter, Facebook, or here on my blog as to why I fight every day. It is important for each of us to publicly state what we believe in and reaffirm what is dear to us.

First, I believe in God. I have watched this country continually slip into decadent behaviors and immorality. I try to educate the wholeness of His word and testify that the Son of God, Jesus, gave his life so that we may one day walk with God again. I have been a pastor for five years, and have seen the true measure of faith. Every time I see Christians refuse to take a stand for right, it boils me. We must stand true to our convictions!

I have three children, and two step sons. For their futures I am willing to lay down my own life that they will be free. Each dollar spent adding to our nation’s debt enslaves them, and I cannot let that happen. They deserve a country of opportunity.

I fight for my fallen brothers who gave their lives for liberty. I lost 23 of my friends in the battlefields of far off lands. I honor their memory by continuing the fight to preserve the freedom in America.

I fight for Old Glory and what she represents. Red stripes to honor the blood and valor of all who have stood and given life and limb against tyranny. The white which stands for the purity of our nation’s cause for freedom. And the blue, which stands for truth and justice.

Finally, I am a man of my word. I swore an oath before God that I would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. When I took that oath, there was no expiration. I will never stop until I am called from this world.

Take time to remember why you fight. Place reminders to keep you strong in your convictions. Pray for the strength to never give up.

I will stand with you, and God will hear your calls.

What Will You Do?


When the time comes, and it will come, what will you do to keep yourself a free person?

The growing tyranny in Washington DC is reaching its fingers deeper and deeper into our liberties. They will not stop until they have total control.

Have you made any preparations? Have you planned for you and your family? What is your line in the sand?

I have pushed for everyone to resist all measures the government takes that infringes on their rights. It’s time to stop letting these power hungry, plutocrats take our liberty and our pursuits of happines.

Where I live, I have been organizing to resist with words and protest, as well as with arms should the need arise. I have been passing on all I know about how to operate. I am forming a militia of volunteers to fight back if we are pushed.

With the Department of Homeland Security stocking up and preparing for war, while the politicians call to disarm us, it is time to make our own preparations.

We must be ready; war is on our doorstep.

Minimum Wage and Rampant Spending

The minimum wage and runaway government spending are preventing the USA from becoming an economic powerhouse.

As increases in spending contue three things are happening simultaneously that severly hamper the United States. The only solutions the majority in our governtment have been:

1. Raise taxes. Taking more of the money you earn. This is especially hard on smaller businesses now incapable of growing and better innovation

2. Print more money. This continues to devalue the dollar which manifests itself acrosd the board: inflation, lay offs, and necessarily skyrocketin prices without much change in take home pay to save or invest for your own futures.

3. Borrowing from foreign countries at such an exponential rate that the interest payment on these loans alone will soon surpass the entire defense budget.

The proposed minimum wage increases further stifle growth by making it nearly impossible to keep employees on hand. Especially when brought into conjunction of tax increases. Less money for companies to produce less expensive goods effectively causing price increases.

This is economics 101 and no one in DC seems to get it. It’s time for sound minded leaders to put a stop to the drivel and reign in this ridiculous tax & spend. Revenue is best accomplished by increasing the tax base. Plainly stated, the more people working in private industry, the greater revenue is created with job killing policies.

Short an Sweet on Guns

Freakin twitter trolls. Ganged up on by five at once. All of them saying I was skirting issues when I’d answer their question then ask my own.

That’s how it works. I answer your question. Then ask you one. No one was willing to answer how Lanza obtained his guns (murdering the owner and stealing them since BG checks prevented him from buying).

Most seemed to want to ban guns based on your medication. Others out right bans. When asked how that would reduce crime, they said criminals wouldn’t be able to buy.

Um….they already can’t! Felony: restricted person. Any violent crime: restricted person.

“Well, limit magazine size!”

Oh. Because criminals follow laws? Guess gang members get class 3 permits for full autos too. I suppose all those scratched off serial numbers of stolen firearms were actually legally obtained by shooter. Guess the Viginia Tech shooter didn’t have someone buy guns for him since he couldn’t pass the background check. And Columbine, those students were actually 21 and didn’t steal the guns.

Get a grip! No law will prevent crime. Rapists will rape. Murderers will murder. Theives will steal. All are against the law. What stops them? Good guys with guns.

A Marine’s Words From Facebook

If you are supposedly fighting for limited government, let me impartvsome advice:

Don’t attack a page that supports your own ideals. We fight to stay afloat on Facebook as it is, with their progessive leaning ideology.

You also might want to consider doing more research on the moderator of the page should you choose to attack them for “doing nothing but talk on Facebook.”

Before the internet even existed as a main outlet, the admin of this page was fighting the good fight for the Constitution of this nation.

I have been at this for 17 years (which includes almost eight years serving as a US Marine, where I literally put my life on the line defending liberty, as my job was infantry).

Derogatory and demeaning remarks towards someone who is supposed to be an ally in this fight will get us nowhere.

And this old Marine is not going to tip toe. You’ll be treated like a new guy screwing up something that was learned in recruit training. I will rip you a new one if you attack me, or anyone else that expresses their opinion on this page.

That includes a respecful, but opposite opinion of our conservative ideals. In the realm of ideas, there is nothing wrong with healthy debate. Go off on me, or anyone politely exercising their first amendment rights and I will ban you.

Carry on.

Rob Bishop Responds to Veteran’s Letter


About a week ago I wrote my representatives about veteran/military benefits, and asking they stand with those who sacrificed so much for us.

I received a response from Congressman Rob Bishop, from Utah’s 1st Congressional District.

Here is his response:

Dear Mr. Bowden,

Thank you for your email regarding veteran benefits.

Preserving military benefits is very important to me. After all, America’s servicemen and servicewomen pay a high price in order to preserve freedom and liberty. It is the responsibility of Congress to see that all of our service men and women are taken care of. Retroactively reaching back and changing veteran benefits is not fair. I believe that any proposed changes to veteran benefits should only affect new recruits;not military retirees, and I reject the increased costs to those on Tri-Care as suggested by this administration. Congress has voted against these increases in the past, and I hope will continue that record.

Budget cuts are currently a major theme in Congress; however, I will do everything that I can to care for military veterans and their families. Providing for our military and our veterans is a core responsibility of the United States Congress, and these benefits are part of that responsibility.

Please feel free to contact my office again,with any additional questions or concerns.

Rob Bishop

Teach Your Children


In the midst of the heated debates of conservative versus progressive ideologies, I have been asked many times what more can the person do to help restore America to it’s founding principles. Whole there are many ways to help, I think one of the most important is often overlooked. We must teach our children values, and it must happen at a young age.

The education system by and large is not going to teach these kind of values to our children, as many in institutions of education are left leaning at best, hard line progressive at worst. It falls upon the parents to ensure their children are raised with love of country.

So here are a few basic guidelines you can follow to help your kids get a good point of view of how to be an American.

1. Take them to parades. When you do ensure they stand with hand over their hearts to respect the flag.

2. Explain what America means to you and why it is important.

3. Teach them the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Give them accurate history of what happened and why the United States came into existence.

4. Take your kids to townhalls and rallies. Let them see you ask questions at these events, and speak when given a chance. This gives th first hand perspective of rights being exercised.

5. Teach them the importance of hard work and reward. Don’t just give them an allowance, have them earn it.

6. Teach your kids how to balance their checkbook. With rampant spending in DC, we need to teach the future leaders of this nation you cannot spend more than they take in.

7. If your child wants to talk about an issue they believe in, help them writ their legislature to get an official response. This will brighten their day.

8. Have your child open up a lemonade stand, or equivalent. This will teach them to have an entrepreneurial spirit in life.

9. Teach your sons to be gentlemen, and how to properly respect a woman. Teach your daughters to act like ladies and make sure they understand to be treated with respect.

10. Be the person you want them to grow up to be. Set the example and watch them reach for the stars. We cannot be hypocrites and ask our kids to behave one way, while we act differently.

11. If you ate a gun enthusiast, introduce your child to the gun culture at a young age so they learn respect for the tools.

12. Teach your child to garden. They will learn a lot by caring for living things, and they’ll understand a higher level of independence when they’re older.

13. Talk to them with respect and ensure they speak with respect as well.

14. Teach them self defense, and reinforce that violence is only acceptable to defend yourself.

15. Answer all their questions honestly, and teach them to be honest in,all dealings in life.

If you can follow this in your life as a baseline, our future generations of young Americans will take hold the challenges of life, and have a much fuller understanding of what it takes to lead.

Safety is Paramount


One of my good friends and I were talking for a bit after a rally we both attended in Salt Lake City. While the premise was good, and everyone was acting within their legal right, we both felt that there are some issues that need to be addressed.

We are both Marines and served together in Charlie Company, 4 Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Both of us know what it means to have sturdy professionalism as we go about our lives, engrained into us from years of service in one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. So, here goes what we came up with:

It is certainly your right to carry a firearm when attending a pro gun rally, and both of us encourage doing so, it is paramount that you always exercise firearms safety when doing so.

Both of us saw good examples, but there were also several people demonstrating what not to do while handling a firearm.

So here are some basic standards that require zero training, just awareness.

First, please keep control of your muzzle at all times. There were several people allowing their rifles to flop around as they moved about, flagging many people.

If your weapon is slung, ensure the muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction. Loosely slung across the shoulder is not showing safety, also when adjusting or moving your firearm, it is important you maintain muzzle awareness and keeping your finger off the trigger.

Had this been on a range I ran while an instructor in the Corps (which I did for about a year), I would have had to kick close to a dozen people off the range for clear cut safety violations.

The left wants to see this sort of behavior, because it helps their cause of banning weapons. It shows that people in these rallies aren’t acting safely, so gun owners can’t be trusted. They will ignore the vast majority safely carrying and focus only on the few who weren’t properly using safety.

Some rules the Marine Corps uses, when a weapon is on your person can be remembered quickly using TREAT, NEVER, KEEP, KEEP, KNOW. If you always have these five words in mind, you’ll follow five basic weapons safety rules.

1. TREAT every weapon as if it were loaded. This ensures you will not ever negligently discharge a weapon.

2. NEVER point a weapon at something you don’t intend to shoot. This was the most common violation seen at the rally. If it only points at legitimate targets, no accidents can happen.

3. KEEP your finger straight and off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. I saw two people with fingers on triggers. This is huge, because most weapons have safeties to ensure only a trigger pull will discharge a weapon. You finger is the most important saftey with firearms.

4. KEEP,your weapon on safe until ready to fire. If your weapon has a safwty, ensure it is engaged at all times.

5. KNOW your target and what is beyond. Many rounds have the ability to pass through an intended target, and travel farther down range. Make sure if you engage a target there is nothing you don’t want to shoot beyond (kuds, wife, neighbor, shoppers, etc.).

Please, please be safe. Don’t give the left any more ammo. If you’re in doubt, leave your weapon at home. If you bring it, exercise safety. Finally, if you see someone acting inappropriately, tactfully inform them so the owner can make corrective actions.

On a personal note for me also, if you can, please ensure you also dress appropriately. I’m not saying don’t wear camo, but there is the idea that all gun owners are “redneck hicks.” Try not to show that stereotype. I suggest simple attire: a polo & Jeans is perfectly acceptable and shatters the thoughts of camo, beards, dip stains, and drawls when speaking (not that this is a bad thing). Just don’t give them what they want.

If we dress and act professionally & appropriately, there is no way for anything to be twisted against us. Viewers of coverage will simply see Americans enthusiastically supporting Constitutional rights.

Salt Lake City Rally


Today I attended a rally for the 2nd amendment in Utah’s capital. The crowd was lively, the speeches were rousing, the people patriotic. This was such a humbling experience, seeing so many dedicated patriots in one place. The end of one speech given by a Vietnam Veteran echoed the chanting of “freedom, freedom, freedom.” The whole people swelling into an overwhelming chorus.


I brought my kids along to experience first hand what it means to exercise the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.


The lesson learned today was one I hope will resonate with my children for many years to come. That no matter what, you must not be afraid to speak up even in the face of tyranny. That our rights are meant to protect us, and freedom is precious. God bless all who showed up today.