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Tom Brokaw Needs to Wake Up

nbc_brokaw_tom.grid-6x2Tom Brokaw is definitely another of Obama’s media lap dogs, in a recent comment made he essentially stated that the Abu Ghuraib scandal from President Bush’s administration was far worse than any of the current scandals coming out from this administration.

Well, let me tell you something Mr. Brokaw: there is no comparison.

There is no connection between the Bush administration and what happened there. While there were certainly horrible things that happened in the prison, there is no way you can even put it in the same class as what is happening in our country today.

In the prison no one died. In Benghazi, four Americans were killed and had two brave Navy SEALs not acted, more would have died.  Simply put, someone in the Executive Branch left more than thirty Americans to die.  That is a huge difference.

The AP scandal and monitoring of other news groups and persons is a direct attack on the First Amendment, a right guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights. Do you somehow find it acceptable that reporters are being tracked and monitored?  It is not ok.  Neither is the security leak excuse, because frankly, more leaks have come from this administration than any reporter.  How many lives were put at risk due to that negligence?

The IRS scandal is horrific at best.  A branch of the executive office targeted a certain group of individuals and overstepped their bounds.  This is not acceptable behavior, and all we have heard is lies. How are we supposed to trust a government that may be targeting us with the IRS?  This is an impeachable offense.  We are supposed to have the right to question our own government if we so choose.  That is the beauty of our country. Now people are fearful to be audited.  This is not ok.  It is akin to Hitler.

These are just a few of the scandals which include FELONIES.  Are you really going to give the president and people he chose that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution a pass to get away with a felony?  That is just sad Mr. Brokaw, and you are an embarrassment to the reporters who used to keep the American people informed.  You used to help safe guard liberty. Now you only safeguard your left leaning, socialist buddies in government.  For shame.

We Need to Support Our Heroes

images (4)This report is from Fox News, and it has me steaming mad.  There is no reason this should be happening to our troops deployed overseas, especially in a combat zone.  Morale is one of the only things that can keep you going, and this is a huge hit to our brave Marines.  There is no legitimate excuse to do this, and why Congress isn’t up in arms is beyond me.

“Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan will lose a key daily meal starting Saturday, causing some to forgo a hot breakfast and others to work six-plus hours without refueling on cooked food, according to Marines at the base and Marine Corps officials.

The midnight ration service — known there as “midrats” — supplies breakfast to Marines on midnight-to-noon shifts and dinner to Marines who are ending noon-to-midnight work periods. It’s described as one of the few times the Marines at Leatherneck can be together in one place.

The base, which is located in Afghanistan’s southwestern Helmand Province, flanked by Iran and Pakistan, also will remove its 24-hour sandwich bar. It plans to replace the dishes long offered at midnight with pre-packaged MREs, said Marine Corps Lt. Col. Cliff Gilmore, who has been deployed in Afghanistan since February.

The moves, though unpopular with many Marines on the ground and their families back home, are emblematic of the massive drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and the dismantling of U.S. military facilities. More than 30,000 U.S. service members will leave Afghanistan in coming months as the U.S. prepares to hand responsibility for security to Afghan forces in 2014.

While no Marine at Camp Leatherneck agreed to speak on the record, many are privately angry about the hit on base morale.

“This boils my skin. One of my entire shifts will go 6.5 hours without a meal. If we need to cut back on money I could come up with 100 other places,” one Leatherneck-based Marine wrote in an email this week to his wife and shared with NBC News. (The Marine declined to speak on the record.) “Instead, we will target the biggest contributor to morale. I must be losing my mind. What is our senior leadership thinking? I just got back from flying my ass off and in a few days, I will not have a meal to replenish me after being away for over 9 hours.”

Until Saturday, Leatherneck’s dining facility will offer its customary four meals per day. After June 1, the menu drops to three daily meals and, eventually, there will be only two hot meals served, Gilmore revealed in an email to the impacted Marines, adding: “Any time a dining hall meal is eliminated it will be replaced from a plentiful stock of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat — or any one of several creative acronyms our Marines have come up with.)”

This is one example of what is wrong with Washington D.C.  There is no reason why this should be happening, and the Marine cited in this is correct.  There are hundreds of ways to cut the budget without affecting something as vital as good food for our heroes.

Craig Bowden to Help Restore America

congressThere are many things that need to be done in order to restore America. Recent events show us that things are worse than we originally thought.

Felonious acts like the AP monitoring, IRS harassment, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. have shown us exactly how corrupt this government has become.  Sure there have been inquiries from Congress, but what do they do about it?  Nothing.  There are no real moves to hold those responsible accountable.

What has happened since whistleblowers came forward in Benghazi? A lot of talk.  It has been the same in every other crime committed by levels of the executive branch.  No one is willing to do the tough work and fight for the people they were elected to serve.

I don’t have that issue.  As a Marine infantryman, my first job was to protect the American people.  This is something I still hold near and dear to my heart.  I do not care for being PC or working for political positioning.  What I want is justice for the American people, and they deserve exactly that.

I will not stop fighting for the people and Constitution I swore to protect in June of 2003, and we need to have more oath keepers step up and join in the fight.  We can no longer afford political cowards in DC.

That is why I am asking for your support. I will help restore America. Integrity is one item I will bring to the office once elected, and I will hold those accountable who disregard the American people.

Obama Thinks Democrats Will Retake the House

election2014President Obama seems fairly confident that the Democrat Party will be able to retake the House of Representatives in the coming 2014 election.  I beg to disagree.

With an administration wrought with scandals, clearly unconstitutional legislation, and more Americans waking up daily to the disaster that is Obamacare, I honestly see gains being made in the House by conservative candidates and the possible retake of the Senate.  Historically speaking, it has been seemingly tradition for the party opposite of a sitting administration to make gains in a midterm election like 2014.

I honestly believe that if grassroots conservatives unite, we will be an unstoppable force that will help bring a new restoration to America in 2014.  I can see America being strong again with brave leaders stepping up and doing what is right for the country as opposed to the party.  We have already started seeing this with men like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  Americans are seeing what strong leadership is, and it is something we have been craving for a long time.

I predict that several House seats are gained, and it will be slim, but I can see a conservative majority in the Senate after the election.

Craig’s Weekly Campaign Update 5/25/2013

congressThis week has been going exceptionally well.  I continue to gather signatures for ballot access in the election, and even though I do technically have the required amount, I want to ensure that it is over the threshold in case someone forgot to register to vote, or they can’t be found due to marriage etc.

Fundraising has been a little slower than I had originally anticipated, but I am sure that it will pick up as time goes on.  After all, we are a year away from the heavy campaigning.  I am very grateful for those of you who have been so kind as to donate to the campaign.

We are ramping up to bring a new website design.  Originally, we were going for something very simple to get out immediately, but now that we have the time to work on it, my team will be putting out something I think you will all enjoy.  The basic design will encompass exactly what I believe in as a candidate, and will help demonstrate exactly what  I will do as Utah’s representative in the House.

I want to especially thank the volunteers who have been helping get the word out about me.  I honestly do not know what I would do without the wonderful people working with me.  They have been helping get signatures, providing materials to the voters, and doing a lot of leg work.  We still have a while to go, but the group of individuals I am working with are dedicated volunteers and I really cannot thank them enough.

I also got word back from the Federal Election Commission finally so that we can begin our required quarterly filing of financial statements, and I have also received what I needed from the House Committee on Ethics.  As things continue to come together and ducks line up, I get more hopeful as this turns into a reality.

Please be sure to stop by the website at and make a donation. We cannot make it without your help. And if you are in the North Ogden area, feel free to stop me if you see me and ask me any questions you may have.  I would also recommend stopping by the events page on the website so you can find out where I will be and meet me.

I appreciate all the hard work and perseverance so far, and know the Craig Bowden team will make it far in this election cycle.

God Bless.

Memorial Day Message [2013]

Iwo FlagThis weekend is fun for many of us across America.  Lots of barbecues, picnics, camping, fishing, etc.  It is a day to spend time with our families and friends. A time to enjoy a day off from work.  But this day goes far beyond just having a long weekend, or grilling up some hamburgers.

We each need to remember to take a moment and honor the men and women who died on our behalf in battlefields around the world.  We must take the time to honor their sacrifice for us.

As a veteran of the war in Iraq, I came to realize the cost of what liberty is, and it is something I can never forget.  The price for me to even write  this today was because men and women, knowing they may go into harms way, raise their right hand and swear to uphold and defend the Constitution.  When they do get placed in harms way, they move forward into the chaos, and ultimately, give up their lives so that we can remain free.

I ask each and every one of you to join with me across this nation at noon on Memorial Day for a moment of silence to reflect on those we know who have fallen on foreign shores.  If you do not have someone you know personally, take the time just to honor all of them and their memories.

I would like to take a moment and deliver the names of the men I served with in my time in the Marine Corps who were not able to be here to day, and honor them.  I will never forget the impact they had in my life, and they will forever remain my brothers.  Some of them I knew very well, and others only for a little while, but they are my friends, and my heroes nonetheless.

  1. Corporal David Vicente
  2. Private First Class Dustin Sekula
  3. Lance Corporal Aric Barr
  4. Corporal Dominique Nicholas
  5. Corporal Matthew Henderson
  6. Lance Corporal Kyle Codner
  7. Staff Sergeant Marvin Best
  8. Lance Corporal Kane Funke
  9. Private First Class Ramon Romero
  10. Lance Corporal David Mendez
  11. Lance Corporal Scott Zubowski
  12. Staff Sergeant Daniel Clay
  13. Private First Class John Holmason
  14. Lance Corporal David Huhn
  15. Lance Corporal Adam Kaiser
  16. Lance Corporal Robert Martinez
  17. Corporal Anthony McElveen
  18. Lance Corporal Scott Modeen
  19. Lance Corporal Andrew Patten
  20. Sergeant Andy Stevens
  21. Lance Corporal Craig Watson
  22. Lance Corporal Johnny Strong
  23. Lance Corporal Nigel Olsen

God bless their families, and may we never forget.

Craig Bowden on Gun Rights

imagesIt is my firm belief that it is the individual citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  For a long time people trying to advance a big government agenda have pushed for restrictions on magazine sizes, types of firearms that should be owned, and many other overreaching policies that would impact our lives as American citizens.

The thing about the second amendment is simple; it is plain English.  The end of the amendment says “shall not be infringed” and that sends a pretty clear message that nothing can be done to restrict a law abiding citizen from being able to own, operate, and keep in their possession a firearm.

I happen to own several firearms myself, and would have it no other way.  I even started a business where a key theme is teaching classes on the proper use of firearms, with real life scenarios one may face in the real world where a firearm may need to be implemented.

The right to keep and bear arms goes far beyond hunting, and far beyond protecting yourself from a home invader; it is your right to protect yourself from a government becoming tyrannical.  The Founding Fathers faced in their life time what the true depth of the necessity to be able to have access to a personal firearm when we declared ourselves independent of British rule.  They were great studies of history, and one pattern observed, was that citizens of a country were often disarmed before an absolute tyranny became imposed.

Many proponents of gun control laws state that they are for our own safety, and they use colorful terms and great sounding rhetorical speeches.  They emphasis tragedies, and play to the emotions of good natured American citizens.  However, in every case that can be demonstrated, the objective of legislating away the right to arms has never been about safety, but about control.

Even this President sits there and states that we need common sense gun measures put in place, but what he wants has nothing to do with the safety he speaks of wanting.  There is not one measure of legislation that can prevent a violent person from acting in a violent manner.  That is the real issue.

We have become a nation fixated on the violence, and the value of life is no longer taught.  This can be demonstrated with the difference between liberal areas in this country and more conservative areas.  There are far fewer deaths as a result of violence in areas that tend to be more religious and gun friendly, because there is an appreciation of life taught.  It is part of the make up of these types of areas.  It is not so in the more liberal areas where the destruction of the family unit is a seemingly, ever growing goal.  Places where you can have abortions on demand. Places with little parental involvement.

The key to solving the issues is not to ban a gun, or the amount of ammunition a magazine can hold, but to reach out to broken communities with hope, faith, and love to show them what it is to be American.  Outreach programs that demonstrate responsibility, values, and respect for all things (but especially life).  That is how we combat the violence.

Firearms are a lifeblood of many in this country, including me.  We cannot afford to have only those who will follow the law give up their means of defending their lives, their liberty, and ensuring their pursuits of happiness.

Boy Scouts of America

imagesI felt that I should add in my two cents on the recent events of the Boy Scouts, and whether or not they should allow homosexuals into the scouting program.

I am slightly conflicted in this, because I do believe that each person should have the opportunity to be able to belong to an organization like the Boy Scouts.  I myself was a Boy Scout, though I fell a little short of my Eagle.  It was one of the best organization I had the ability to participate in as a child.  They teach great values and life lessons that I feel many of the youth need in these darker days of history.

I will respect the Boy Scouts in whichever decision they make.  They are a private organization, and as such, they are entitled to choose where they will stand.  I do not believe that they should be forced into allowing homosexuals into the scouting program.  I do hope that they continue to stand up for what they believe in, because that is the rarest of qualities these days.  However, if they do allow for young men to join the program, even though gay, that does not diminish the message the scouting program delivers to the youth.  They will still be an organization that teaches duty and honor.

My personal feelings towards homosexuality will not influence what a private organization will do.  Just as no one should force them to accept gays into the program, I cannot force them to not accept them if that becomes their choice.

Obama’s Watergate

imagesAlready being called “Obama’s Watergate,” the White House emphatically told reporters “they had no idea” the IRS was targeting conservative, evangelical and pro-Israel groups and that they “absolutely did not” have any communications with the agency about it.

As they did with the Benghazi terror attacks, reports indicate the Obama administration sought to hide the IRS scandal so it wouldn’t hurt the President’s re-election bid.

An anonymous Cincinnati IRS official told The Washington Post, “Everything comes from the top. We don’t have any authority to make those decisions without someone signing off on them. There has to be a directive.”

With skepticism thick on Capitol Hill, Rep. Rob Portman (R-OH), told CBS News that an “appointment of a special counsel … independent of the White House is necessary.” He added, “There’s a lot of issues here we need to get to the bottom of. We need to find out what really happened and ensure that we can begin to regain some trust in our government.”

Considering that the President has empowered the IRS to administer ObamaCare, it’s more important than ever for grassroots Americans to position themselves in the epicenter of this growing storm.

Regardless of political affiliation, demands for accountability and justice must ring down on every member of the House and Senate — until a full, criminal investigation is launched!

Craig, the scandalous overreaching of the IRS into the private lives of American citizens makes them incapable of administering ObamaCare. They cannot be trusted, and patriots must speak up!

Grassfire has launched a new petition demanding a full, criminal investigation into the IRS’ harassment of conservatives and no additional funding or staffing for the IRS as it relates to ObamaCare.

Following the insulting and arrogant testimony given by outgoing acting IRS commissioner Steve Miller last week, the Senate Finance Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will continue the investigation into whocalled for the targeting of Tea Party, conservative, evangelical and pro-Israel groups.

Hearings are a start, but they simply aren’t enough. As this investigation widens, grassroots Americans have an unprecedented opportunity to rise up and hold the IRS and the Obama administration responsible and accountable for this scandal.

But it all starts with you!

Sign the “Investigate IRS Intimidation” petition by going here now:

Don’t forget, YOU WERE THE ONE TARGETED BY THE IRS. You were the one they were trying to intimidate and silence. 

During his radio show today, not only did Rush Limbaugh suggest that the White House knew what was going on, he also said the IRS’ targeting effort was part of a plan to frighten Americans from financially supporting conservative causes — not just leading up to Obama’s 2012 re-election, but also for 2014!

This is YOUR opportunity to speak up!

Go here now to add your name to this important and urgent petition. As soon as 50,000 petitions are gathered, Grassfire representatives will hand-deliver them to key members of the House and Senate:

Thank you, in advance, for taking a stand.

The Grassfire Team