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The New EPA War

imagesEarlier, President Obama declared war on coal plants across the United States with his declaration of new regulations to be imposed.  This as energy rates have already risen (mine for this month was almost 150, normally 97).  All this in the pursuit to heal the earth with the tired old cry of “global warming” and “climate change.”

Let me break this down for you Mr. President, if you are indeed ever alerted to my posts, this war on coal is a war on jobs and the middle class of America.  It has gotten to the point, I can’t afford much of anything any more, and I am not alone.  Many of us are struggling to just get by, and policies like this are hurting us.

There is a trickle down effect with this, and you really need to understand it.  (1) You fine a company. (2) Company must raise prices to continue operating (3) My bill goes up (4) Since the technology doesn’t exist to do what you and the EPA want, the cycle happens again (5) Business goes bankrupt (6) I go to the poor house.

Government interference is not the answer to help lower pollution.  The answer is American ingenuity.  Eventually someone will make a cleaner, more efficient system.  Always happens.  But what you and your socialist, anti-American thugs are doing to my beloved nation is killing us all.

By now you must realize this, or it was the plan to begin with.  Either way, you are a traitor to the people you swore to protect, along with anyone only standing by and watching you regulate us all to death with multiple agencies.  Be warned.  The first time we had a revolution in America, we wrote a Declaration of Independence.  We can only be pushed so far.  To cite the specific portion of the Declaration that you are repeating: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Sounds pretty similar to what you are doing.  I don’t like it. The people don’t like it.  Your day is coming, and I pray that I see the day you are led away in chains for the treason you are enacting upon the American people.

Please Help


7804054Patriots4America are here to ask, no. PLEAD for your help America in an effort to raise the funds needed to help us cover the logistical cost of presenting our message at the steps of our great Republic! It is my contention that, How can we look our children and future generations in the eyes without shame if our generation stands idle and allows the Constitution of the United States to be made irrelevant and our Nation and her history to be misrepresented & relegated to a couple of paragraphs in someones history book as the greatest nation on earth that once was!
Therefore the time has arisen in the United States of America for the People of this great nation to Stand and be heard. For far too long we have been pandered to, lied to and ignored by those We The People Elect, And have (until now) entrusted as temporary stewards of OUR Republic!
Well, No More! This is a Call to Action to ALL American citizens who understand, and are tired of the “Politicians” in Washington D.C. making policy, enacting laws, and forcing the American People to accept Laws and Legislation that affect our lives and our livelihoods without the slightest concern or consideration as to whether or not the American Electorate agree with these policies, laws, or legislation.
If Congress or the President of the United States regardless of party are going to impose any Law or Legislation that in any way impacts the entirety of the American People, it should without question be put to Referendum by the American People. Whereas: Congress and the President of the United States of America shall be subjected to any and all legislation imposed upon the American People, be it Social, Fiscal or Ideological!
It is my Dream here, my wish, that on September 11, 2013 We The People
can gather at the footsteps of the Grand Halls of our Republic, an ocean of Patriotic Americans to at least double that of the 2009 Tea Party march on Washington D.C. in order to Demand once and for ALL a Redress of Grievances as that right is Granted us in our Declaration Of Independence!

A few great and courageous men gathered together in the beginning of this great experiment we call the United States of America and drafted not only a Static, but a sacred set of documents that not only lay out unwaveringly the rights of the American People in relationship to the government, but also the explicit directions as to the actions to be taken by the American people should its government become, shall we say, “too big for its britches”

We can do this America, all we have to do is Start this arduous but achievable Journey!

The Waiting Continues

Veterans asked to fight by the government are currently facing insurmountable challenges now that they are home and out of the service.  Currently, it takes on average, more than a year for them to have their disabilities compensated.  This is a sad shame.

I personally waited over three years for my disability claim to be processed, and in the mean time, I could not get help for conditions that were present in my life associated with the disabilities.  It is not to say that I cannot function as an person, but there are some things that do require professional guidance and medical assistance to bring a better level of functioning in the real world.

This is not ok at all.  There is no reason why our veterans should have to wait so long for the help they need.  I have been writing my representatives with suggestions, but so far, they have fallen on deaf ears.

One of the easiest methods I can think of to immediately help our veterans facing the uphill climb still is to streamline the process a little bit.  There are two very common injuries from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

My solutions for these two conditions are simple:

(1) If a veteran is involved in an IED blast, mortar attack, rocket attack, etc. (immediate proximity to explosions) you give them an immediate 0% rating.  This will keep them at a non-compensatible rate until they can be fully evaluated, but will ensure they can receive help for conditions associated with the TBI.  Once the evaluation is complete as normal, they would then have a determination of whether they will get compensation rated disability.

(2) If a veteran exhibits any signs of PTSD, they too are to be given an immediate 0% rating so they can be treated.  I know first hand what it is like to wait.  I wish that I would have gotten help sooner than I did, because it causes much suffering in this invisible wound. I have also seen many of my friends commit suicide while waiting for the VA to help.  The counseling services and other treatments given, if applied sooner, lessen the chances of PTSD becoming extremely problematic, and this could also help stem the suicide rate among veterans.  Currently we are facing between 15-22 veterans taking their lives every single day.

If we could apply these plans to what the VA does, and ensure that the medical commands of the veteran’s unit are submitting the VA with paperwork upon any diagnosis, the wait for help would dramatically increase.

I also believe that the Pentagon needs to do a better job with transition training.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I believe that the medical commands need to get diagnosis over to the VA record system for a more seamless transition into the civilian sector.  Leaders also need to do more to educate the service members on keeping and making copies of their medical records after every visit to their medic/doctor.  Records loss is also a big problem with a lot of the wait.

I would recommend if you are a reader of mine, if you do nothing else that I have asked, you please call and write your representatives about what I talked about today.  It is paramount our veterans get the help they need.  Please be a voice for them.

Craig Bowden for Congress – Campaign Update 6/17/2013

congressIt has certainly been an active week for me.  I have spent a lot of time catching some sun in North Ogden shaking hands, and getting asked some outstanding questions from the citizens of Northern Utah.  I will be posting some public responses very soon so everyone will have the ability to read where I stand on the issues presented me.

It was wonderful to be able to have those interactions, and with many of the questions, it shows that Utah knows what kind of issues matter and that we care about our country.  That was one of the best things I took from the past week.

I also did one of my first meet and greets in my sister’s home, and it was the same as when I was door knocking.  Very great questions from those who attended and a lot of great discussions about solutions to fix the many problems in Washington DC.  I especially liked some of the feedback I received on ending entitlements/perks for Congressmen and Senators.

One of those who questioned me at the meet and greet asked what I would do to offset the housing situation for members of the House and Senate (since housing can be quite expensive).  I mentioned my plan about a sort of “Congressman Housing” program, similar to the military housing (and if it is good enough for our military, it is good enough for government).  I believe that would be a low cost alternative and allow a place for them to stay while in DC.  I also mentioned that if members of the House or Senate do not find the conditions suitable, as some may, they can always find it on their own, since many are independently wealthy and don’t need any extra money to go towards housing.

I look forward to the challenges ahead, and hope to see as many people as possible.  If you see me walking around, please feel free to come up and ask me a question.

God Bless!

Your Tax Dollars Support Murderous Regimes

There are literally billions of dollars of foreign aid being sent to countries that have radical regimes that persecute and murder people of Christian faith. This simply cannot be tolerated.

When we send money to any country’s government, they should have to pass a basic test. The country should have free elections, the country should have protections in place for free expression of thought, press, and religion. We must only stand with countries that have similar guarantees of liberty that we have.

This sort of policy is not good for what we as a people largely stand up for. The United States needs to be an example to the world, a beacon of hope. We must not support governments that allow persecution of any religion, race, creed, or gender.

I would ask you to pen a letter to your representatives and demand aid to such regimes cease immediately. Especially when it comes to countries under Sharia Law that allow nearly zero freedoms to the people. Please do this after reading these words. Be the example and stand true to principles.

Obama and Pentagon Don’t Want Free Expression of Christianity

The Obama administration and the Pentagon are seemingly he’ll bent on preventing our Armed Forces from expressing their Christian faith.

A response from the White House on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would protect the expression of religion among our military essentially said it would serve as a distraction, harm morale, and impede missions. There was also a threat to veto such measures.

Let me speak from experience for a moment. When I was in combat, one thing that pulled me through was my faith. I honestly believe that prayers helped my squad in many ways. My squad was a mix of religions, but we prayed together all the time.

Some in the Pentagon would see such expressions as punishable, up to a court martial. We never forced anyone to participate. All willingly came and prayed with us.

So I present a question to all of you: doesn’t our military deserve the same rights they put their lives on the line to defend?

This is just one more piece of a growing war on Christians coming from this administration. It needs to stop and we must speak up to preserve our rights and the rights of our military members.

The Obama Family is Beyond Out of Touch

It has recently come to my attention that the Obama family is off for vacation again in the near future. (bear in mind spring break was less than two months ago). This time they are headed to Africa. What is the price tag for the American taxpayers? It is estimated to cost between 60 and 100 million dollars.

This is outrageous. Those elected to govern on our behalf are supposed to serve the people. Not live lavishly on the sweat of our backs.

It is time for controls to be put in place to ensure this sort of extravagance doesn’t happen on the dime of taxpayers. In the middle of some of the worst economic conditions our country faces, this president has treated himself to a life of luxury, while the people suffer. He tells us sacrifices must be made. What has he sacrificed? Nothing.

The Gang of 8

As we know, there is currently a bill before the Senate, soon to likely be passed, that will grant legal status to more than 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. This has been said to be “common sense” and a “true bipartisan” effort. What the media and those pushing the bill won’t tell you are the ramifications if this is signed into law.

After a lot of research a few things need to be address so you know what the consequences are, and they should scare you. They should scare you because the change coming with this bill is the end of our republic in it’s entirety.

1) No border security is mandated to be completed with this bill. One of the reasons so many illegally are here is because the border isn’t secure. The bill passed that was supposed to ensure hundreds of miles of fencing still has not been completed. Out of the hundreds of miles, only about seventy eight have been put up.

2) This bill states that no benefits will be granted to the newly legal individuals. There are two outcomes I see from this. The first is that leading Democrats will demonize this portion saying it’s not fair for people here to be treated like that and they need equal protection under the law. So it will create millions more depending on daddy government to feed and house them. Raising our debt and deficit spending.

If this portion of the bill does stand, that outcome isn’t much better. Employers are all about the bottom line, how to maximize their profit margins. If benefits do not apply to the newly legal persons, they will be the ones hired for jobs. Why? Because provisions of “Obamacare,” the businesses would not be required to give medical benefits to their new hires if they are legalized under this immigration bill.

3) This bill creates an unprecedented security risk to the United States. Covered under this would include terror cells operating here in the country. They will have Constitutional protections. If an attack happens on US soil again, they will be protected by the Bill of Rights.

These are a few things I was able to pick out. I strongly urge you sign every petition to oppose this, write and call representatives, & get loud about it. We can’t allow this to pass.

Stand tall and be vocal patriots.

The Eye of Moloch

If you guys are like me, you have likely read The Overton Window by Glenn Beck.  It was a chilling story with very similar concepts of what appears to be happening right now in our country. When I read the book, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, unable to put the book down.

Well, if you follow Glenn Beck, then you should know about the continuation of the story, The Eye of Moloch. I personally cannot wait to see how the “Founders Keepers” are going to fight back against the ever growing, all seeing government that is paralleled to what we see today in the real world.

Pay day comes and I’ll be picking up my copy. I would highly recommend if you haven’t yet, read part one (Overton Window). Once you read it it I guarantee you that you’ll be on part two.

It is honestly one of the best written thrillers I’ve ever read.

Why I Chose to Run

Several people have asked me why I decided to run for the House of Representatives in 2014. And I believe this merits a public statement.

In June of 2003, I stood in a room in Salt Lake City. An officer from the United States Air Force stepped in front of me and about seven other young men. She asked us to raise our right hands and we proceeded to recite the Oath of Enlistment. My life at that point began to change forever.

After doing a couple years in the Marine Corps as an infantryman, I began to ponder what my oath meant. I knew about the Constitution, but didn’t fully understand the document. What was I really swearing to defend?

I began to study a lot during any down time I got. I looked at books written in the late 1700, both pre and post revolution. I began to see the vision our Founders had. I read everything I could get my hands on. It wasn’t too long before I realized how far our country had come.

After reading so much, I could see the partisan blaming, finger pointing, and rhetoric. I soon also discovered that neither party was really doing what was right; mostly they were concerned with their own power and how best to get reelected. I was shocked.

My individual studies continued after I finished my contract with the military, and it wasn’t long before I realized if things continued as they were, the country I loved and fought for would be no more. I had to do something.

From that point on I was an activist for a restoration of our Republic. I called representatives, petitioned, attended rallies, and voted my conscience. I took every opportunity to educate others, wrote letters to the editor, and started blogging. It never seemed enough. I felt I wasn’t able to do nearly what was needed, and after the elections of Barack Obama, I watched in horror as every right paid for with the blood of patriots was being stripped away.

Before my eyes I was watching everything I stand for die. I tried doubling my efforts, wrote a book, pushed myself harder than ever and saw the small gains patriots were making, but it still wasn’t enough.

Finally, one night while talking to my dad, the man who taught me the values I have, I brought up that maybe I should run for office. He raised an eyebrow and asked me why. I proceeded to tell him essentially what I’m telling you now; I’ve had enough and need to do something.

You see, I love this country more than my own life. I was willing to put my life on the line to defend the ideals and liberties we have. Watching everything that has happened has broken my heart. Tears fill my eyes as I write this, feeling the pain of what we are losing.

But Marines never quit. Since my letters and petitions weren’t enough, I would throw myself into the ring. I know I am running against an incumbent, and one who is fairly popular. I know without the backing of a party my odds are slimmer. But I cannot stand by for another day as politicians destroy our Constitution.

I fully believe that if my ideas are looked at seriously, we can turn the tide. Even if I don’t make it, at least people will hear my pleas on behalf of a beleaguered nation. Maybe they can even make it to the House floor if enough people cry out that we have had enough.

I want to win. I believe I can. And I know that no matter the outcome, good will happen. I have faith in the people. I have faith that God does not want to see us in ruin. I know that what is happening is wrong.

Edmund Burke is quoted as saying “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” I know I am a good man, and I will not stand by and let this happen. I just can’t do it. That is why I will speak the hard truths instead of the comfortable lies. I don’t expect to be popular in the DC crowd. But I have to do this or face the anguish of having not fought.

I ask you to support me in my campaign. I cannot promise you an easy answer. I will not say I can fix this over night, but I will promise one thing: I would give my dying breath to see this country well again. To see my children and grandchildren experience the freedoms our Constitution guarantees. I will do everything I can to fight back and show what it means to uphold and oath.

May God be with us in our darkest hours and see us through to the end. May he bless America and renew our spirit. Amen.