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Texas Marine Awarded for Valor

By Corporal Paul Peterson

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan — Lance Cpl. Joel T. Murray, an engineer heavy equipment operator with Combat Logistics Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, Regional Command (Southwest), received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with “V” device in recognition of his “heroic achievement” during the defense of Forward Operating Base Shir Ghazi in the Helmand province.

The distinguished heroism and life-saving actions of a Marine from Hallsville, Texas, earned him the thankful appreciation of his fellow servicemembers during an award ceremony here, July 23. 

On May 13, 2013, a suicide bomber attacked the base with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. Murray quickly maneuvered toward the site of the blast. He engaged an insurgent within the compound, neutralized the heavily armed combatant, and continued to move in the direction of the attack. 
Shortly after engaging the insurgent, Murray came upon a Georgian soldier with a life-threatening leg injury. He applied a tourniquet and checked the soldier for additional wounds. Murray then provided emergency aid to another wounded soldier and organized stretcher teams for the two casualties. 

“It is completely humbling to serve along side you,” said Maj. David H. Mills, company commander of Combat Logistics Company, CLR-2, after presenting Murray with the award. “These are the things that contribute to the legend of the Marine Corps. They are the things people join the Marine Corps to do.”
Murray continued to provide security and medical aid to wounded Marines and Georgian soldiers for more than two hours after the attack. 

“I can’t think of anything else I can say but thank you,” said Col. Dwayne A. Whiteside, the commanding officer of CLR-2, as he addressed Murray and his peers. “This is what we do. We get assigned a mission, we take care of each other, and we accomplish the mission. We didn’t leave anyone on the battlefield, and that’s a great thing.”

Rob Maness for the US Senate

923553_634409336574505_1328877473_nAs I have stated, I want to showcase the best possible people to represent our nation. I have found one such candidate, Rob Maness, running for the United States Senate out of Louisiana.

Rob is a veteran first and foremost, meaning he understands leadership. He also understands what it means to uphold an oath, as this brave warrior has done so in battle.

Colonel Maness is the recipient of the Bronze Star and Air Medal, a testament to the dedication he has to our country.

He stated his priorities to me recently, and his words echo so truly.

“Restoring our Consitutional Gov’t and protecting all of the Bill of Rights.  We are in a battle for the soul of the United States of America and as Americans we owe it to our grandchildren to stand up. This is not about party, even though I am a lifelong Republican, I am an American and am putting out a call to ALL Americans to help remove the political class and return to non-career public servants in office.”

I recommend checking out Rob’s campaign site at to see more on this outstanding American.

Louisiana, found a great man to vote for; let’s get him to the Senate!

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We have been in a fiscal crisis that isn’t going away, because Republicans and Democrats aren’t willing to cut programs like these.

They attempt to justify that the minutes are limited or they can use the phone for work searches. This can also be accomplished with a much less expensive land line in the home.

And while I do appreciate the sentiment behind the excuse, there is no checks to ensure the phones are being used for work search, especially with the removal of the work requirement in 2012.

This one program alone cost the taxpayers 2.2 billion dollars, and like any government program, it’s growing.

There is no “right” to a cell phone; there is no need for one either.

My position on this program is simple: I want people to find a job. If they are to use a government program, there will be a work search required. And lastly, it will not be a cell phone. You will get a less expensive land line. Once you get a job, you can get your cell phone like everyone else, and pay for it like we do.

For more ideas like this, and to support my campaign, please visit

What’s Phony?

The “President” said there were phony scandals and distractions….really? Really Mr. Obama?

Would you define 10,000 Mexicans killed by Fast & Furious gun running along with Agents Terry and Zapata as phony? Their deaths are real, caused by your Attorney General.

How about spying on every single American citizen with the NSA, which is a clear violation of the fourth Amendment?

Is it phony you had an American citizen killed with a drone along with his 16 year old son (also an American citizen)?

Can’t forget about Benghazi where you left 30 people to die and watched it unfold live via drone surveillance. Were the deaths of Doehrty, Smith, Woods, and Ambassador Stevens just phony ? Was denying air support phony? Ordering rescue attempts to stand down phony?

Is it not a fact that the IRS targeted your political opponents on hundreds of occasions?

Harassing the press by monitoring them? False warrants against Rosen?

No Mr. Obama. The only thing phony is you. You have done nothing but campaign your whole presidency. You have disobeyed the laws, taken vacations, blame others, and attempt to divide a nation.

You can go pound sand. Americans are waking up every day and we are livid. You have not presided. You will go down as the worst. Pack your bags now because you will not finish your second term. We are a tsunami, and we will have justice for the people.

2014 we will start the proceedings to have you removed!

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We Cannot Afford Another War

syria-mapToday I heard the most disturbing news as of late.  It appears the United States is preparing for military involvement in the conflict of Syria.  I cannot support such actions of using our military in this conflict.

While I certainly recognize that Assad is not a good man based on the evidence I have seen, and believe he should not be in power, I do not believe it is the role of the United States to overthrow him.  And I certainly cannot condone aiding in several of the rebel factions due to their extremist involvement, including Al Qaeda.

The factions currently fighting Assad’s regime are the same factions we fought against in the war in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan.  It is the growing strength of the Muslim Brotherhood that is fighting for control of Syria, and it is not a side I am willing to take.

I am also not willing to have our young men and women drawn into another war we should not be a part of.  The United States military has lost so many lives over the last several years, and the human toll is too much.  Our ranks are stressed and pushed to the limit as it is.  I speak from experience.  If we add another war to our list of conflicts we are involved, our brave men and women will be pushed to their limits.  The lives that would be lost are not worth the risk, especially replacing one dictatorship with another.

Financially we cannot afford to add the cost to the debt either.  This will negatively impact our already strained economy.

All the proponents of military action need to take a step back and really look at the situation.  While I certainly feel for the innocent lives being lost in Syria, we cannot get into another drawn out conflict.  There is no interest or security threat in Syria to affect the United States.  We are also not responsible for being a buffer between two opposing forces.