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Founder’s Blog – My State of the Union

Young Libertarians for America

081aAnother year has passed us by, and it has come time for us to hear from our President on the State of the Union.  I’m sure we’ll hear lovely rhetoric from him this evening, and the words that things will be better.  It will be an empty address, like so many others in recent years.

I’d like to tell you the truth today. I’m not always popular because of this, but it is something I promised I would always do.  The truth is, our country teeters on the edge of disparity.  We are nearing times that will truly test the character and soul of every one of us.  Congress has largely done nothing to stem this tide, nor has any president since John F. Kennedy.  They have lied to you, and I am sorry for that.  I wish there was good news to tell you.  I wish that there were…

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The Movement to Legalize – Utah

Young Libertarians for America

legalization-go-feds-09-01 (1)By Craig Bowden

There have been many efforts in recent years to legalize marijuana and lift prohibitions on use.  This is by far one of the more significant moves for freedom in America.  The main point above all, at least for me, has been that we should be able to choose what we do with out own bodies.

There have been efforts to lower the criminality in Utah, recently, that may fall short of legalization, but do start heading the right direction.  There is a proposition to reduce sentencing and lower offenses to decrease the amount of jail/prison time a person would face if convicted of drug possession.

Law enforcement is also getting behind this effort as they realize the necessity to start moving toward a more free society. In an Op-Ed titled For a safe society, send fewer to prison, penned by three top cops in Utah, they discuss…

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Disappointment in Utah’s Congressional Delegation

478315adc450a5b7cb8a035d6fe80f02Today marked the first day for the 114th Congress, as members of the House and Senate were sworn into office.  For me, this day was one marked by a slight bitterness because of the first vote being held in the House of Representatives.

Each member of the Utah delegation voted in favor of retaining Speak Boehner.  While not really a surprise with Congressmen Rob Bishop, Chaffetz, and Stewart, Utah was holding onto some hope that freshman Mia Love would have stood on principle as she had so often stated on her campaign trail for 4th District.

Each member from Utah decided that they would continue with the status quo, ignoring the voices of their constituents.  While I don’t adhere to the Republican Party as others in my state, it was saddening to see so many voices ignored.

When you are sent to represent people in any capacity, it is your duty to listen to what they want of you.  While there can certainly be some level of disagreement, and you cannot please everyone, when the vast majority of your constituents wish for something, it is advisable to listen to their voice.

For far too long, voters have felt neglected by their representatives.  Perhaps this is the push that is needed for real change for a third party to finally take seat in the federal government.  I guarantee that each of these four House members will be facing a tough reelection in 2016.