005I have been active in the political spectrum as a citizen since I was eleven years old.  I have posted on a broad range of topics through out my life, but to sum it up I am all about patriotism, small government, and lower taxes.  You will find as you read through my posts that I am a family man, a gun nut (love to go shooting), and that I really do love my country.

I have posted letters to the editor in many different news papers, served nearly 8 years as a United States Marine, and I love getting into a good debate.

I do not adhere to the Republican/Democrat spectrum of thought. When I post something in the political spectrum, it is from a common sense perspective that doesn’t play partisan politics.  If a member of our government does something in violation of the Constitution, I will let the world know regardless of the party.

I am also the author of Common Sense: How to Restore America as well as Warrior Poet, and have been working on other titles.  I offer my books at lower costs, because this isn’t really about making money for me, but saving the country and opening people’s eyes. Much of my profits on books go to help veterans in need.

Currently I am a candidate for the 2014 election.  I am running for the US House for Utah’s 1st Congressional District.

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  1. Thank you for your service to our country. God Bless you and your family.

    1. It was an honor to serve. Don’t have to thank me, but do remember those who gave all. God bless

  2. Craig, Please e-mail me. I have a book, “Stop the Insanity Target 2014,” that has some great ideas for your campaign. I also have a blog radio show I’d like to interview you on. For more info see my webpage: http://www.stoptheinsanitytarget2014.com. Contact me at david@teddybeareducation.com

    1. Thanks, I replied via email a little bit ago. Book sounds interesting.

  3. Semper Blogging/ReBlogging !!!!!
    Dick G

  4. Mr. Bowden,
    I saw an ad for you at the Smith’s here in North Ogden. I put my announcement right along side yours. My announcement was for my new FREE ebook, ‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth’ available now at: Smashwords.com, get one for yourself if you like.
    I read your name and a bit about you and then came home to look you up on the computer. I like what I have read about you. I can be helpful in your campaign. I worked for Col. Bo Gritz in 1992. Because of my signs that were heavily concentrated here in Weber County, Weber County gave Col. Gritz 10,000 of the 30,000 votes cast in Utah in 1992.
    I owned a copy store back then, but have been out of business and unemployed for several years now. I do odd handyman jobs wherever I can find them, and have written 10 books. But I Know Signs and proper placement of signs.
    I’d like to get together with you sometime at your convenience. Perhaps we could go shooting if you know a good Cheap place. I need to sight in my weapon and perhaps you could help with that also.
    Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
    Thank You, and Thank you for your service,
    Sincerely, Steve Nelson
    PS: I don’t know what this ‘stevenelson2012a’ or ‘http://gravatar.com/stevenelson2012a’ stuff means that just appeared at the bottom of this screen? Just use my email which is right: stevesworldisnumber1@hotmail.com

    1. I will be in touch shortly. I am short on time right now, but will get with you asap.

  5. Brother it appalls me that the other candidates were not allowed in the debate, who do I write to so I can voice my displeasure about this. I will be looking more into who you are and what you’re about so I can be an informed voter. I wish you all the luck and Semper Fi.

    1. The Utah Debate Commission has their contact information on their website. http://www.utahdebatecommission.org. You can also find them by searching in Facebook.

      I appreciate you being willing to look into issues I stand for. My website is http://www.Craig4Congress.org and you can email me any time with questions at Craig_Bowden@Craig4Congress.org

  6. Cameron Hernandez | Reply

    Great stuff! Looking forward to more posts!

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