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Yes, There is a New President

505545764-republican-presidential-candidate-donald-trump-delivers-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2No the world is not going to end.

As a libertarian, I have the point of view of never really getting what I would like to see elected to any significant office, and we are likely still years away from seeing even a member of the U.S. House come from the Libertarian Party. As such, I have seen that it doesn’t matter who occupies the White House. Things over the last several presidents have stayed roughly the same.

It is true that economic and civil liberties are just as likely to erode as they did when President Obama was in office, and President Bush before him. The main object of people in power seems to be that they wish to continue to consolidate that power.

Many of you who are on the left are starting to feel what people like me feel every day. The lesson from this is not to grow government when you have the reins, because someday, the other side will end up getting the seat that you grew. The power and abuses you ignored under President Obama are now under a different banner. The sad thing is that the Republicans who spent the last eight years bemoaning the power of the President under Obama, will now work to consolidate it under President Trump.

This cycle repeats regularly. It takes stepping back and looking over a much longer scope of history to see this. It really does require to look at more than a single presidency or even the last couple.  You need to look over the span of generations and it requires you to approach it in a different way. You need to approach things as objectively as possible to see the power pendulum swinging. You have to look at the reactions and bias of the groups on both ends as the transfer of power takes place.

I didn’t always see things this way. I used to be a Republican who would do this same cycle I speak of. Only talking about Democrats being bad and excusing things Republicans did. It took me going to war in Iraq to wake up and see that Republicans aren’t exactly freedom loving or economically inclined. I personally hope that you don’t have to wait for something as drastic as going to war to see the writing on the wall of the need for power to be limited, not grown, in government.

I invite you to seriously consider looking at things in a different way. People like me are available to answer questions all over the internet and the nation. We know what you are feeling and we know ways to help make things better in the future. We have an opportunity to build things together. Ignore the people who are trying to tell you to riot or burn things down. They are just as power hungry as any other politician. Peaceful protests are more than fine, but we need to build, not destroy.

We are going to get through this if we are willing to work together in spite of government. We can bring about a more voluntary and loving society if we ignore the rhetoric and push to improve our lives and the lives around us. Our communities are where we make a difference. One man doesn’t change that. You have all the power required.

Third Party Candidates Excluded from Debates in Utah


Photo from 2014 Protest of Debate Exclusion. Now being excluded again

The Utah Debate Commission has decided to exclude the campaign for Craig Bowden, candidate for Utah’s 1st Congressional District, as well as candidates for the Gubernatorial race and Attorney General race. This measure to exclude candidates is egregious on its face, and will be challenged. For far too long, systems set up by the two major parties have worked to keep alternate voices from being able to be heard. Whether it is with debates or ballot access, the drive to maintain power has kept third party ideas out of the eye of the public.

 The Debate Commission is in direct violation of election laws, and will be held accountable for what it is doing. Under the Equal Time Rule, candidates from opposing parties are able to receive equal air time at the same rate that is offered to other candidates broadcast. Normally, this would not apply as a law, as it does exempt organizations that hold their own debates as long as it is not the broadcast station itself. Where the Utah Debate Commission violates the law, is that the news media sits on the board for the commission. They are instrumental in planning these debates, and dedicate non-regular air time to have these debates. As such, it does not fall under “on the spot news” as required to be exempt from the law. The media is helping manufacture the news under the guise of a private entity.

 As such, the campaign of Craig Bowden, will be seeking the price of 30 minutes airtime from every broadcast station, both televised and aired on radio, on the prime time slot. This lawsuit will go away if the campaign is included in the debates.

 Further, Craig Bowden’s campaign will be seeking equal damages for every third party candidate and independent who was excluded. This is in combination with any fines the Federal Communications Commission may seek to impose on the Utah Debate Commission. The monies awarded on behalf of other third party candidates will be paid to each candidate that was excluded from the debates.

Let Third Parties Debate Petition

It is time for third parties to be allowed to debate. This petition is for the Utah debates to be hosted throughout September and October. Please add your signature to be delivered to the Utah Debate Commission.


Outing Oath Breakers: John Boehner

478315adc450a5b7cb8a035d6fe80f02House Speaker John Boehner said on 9/3/2013 he supports President Obama’s call for a military strike on Syria, as other congressional leaders joined in making the case for an attack — giving the plan a big boost ahead of a key hearing on Capitol Hill.  Let me go ahead and break this down:  1) There are no U.S. or security interests in Syria. 2) The side we would help is al Qaeda (Article 3, Section 3 on treason).  This is an act of treason, and asking our Armed Forces to commit acts of treason.

He has continually caved on debt ceiling increases, damaging the future of the United States.  He has voted for continuing resolutions with no budgets.  And he has not moved to support the defunding of Obamacare (a program that will kill our country).

Speaker Boehner is also a part of the Amnesty crowd.  Let’s not forget that he is also in favor of some infringements on our 2nd Amendment.

Essentially Boehner is a Democrat, but with an R attached to his name to appear conservative.  He is not.  He’s an oath breaker and must be defeated and removed.


923553_634409336574505_1328877473_nFrom RobManess.com

Bill Cassidy has as much as admitted that he doesn’t know how to lead on matters of concern to the people of Louisiana with comments at a meeting with a business group yesterday, as reported by nola.com.

When asked whether he would support defunding Obamacare, the congressman did what professional politicians are famous for: He dodged and weaved.

“It depends on what you mean by shutting down the government. If you mean that the guys on active duty don’t get bullets, or that their spouses who are stateside don’t have a check to pay their rent, I am not willing to do that,” Cassidy said, according to a NOLA.com report. “But you’re asking me to imagine what a bill looks like, and I can’t do that.”

“Of course no one wants to deprive servicemen and women of their pay and benefits, but to suggest that’s the only option is a cop-out” said Col. Rob Maness (USAF, Ret.), who is challenging Cassidy and Mary Landrieu for Louisiana’s Senate seat in 2014.

Maness said previous “government shutdowns” have protected military funding and entitlement spending.

“I lived through government shut-downs as a serviceman.  I know what I’m talking about.  Hiding behind the liberal argument that ‘shutting down the government’ will leave people starving in the streets and soldiers without basic supplies is patently absurd, and it’s a way to hide from a tough vote on a difficult issue.”

Maness and Sen. David Vitter have both signed the Senate Conservative Fund pledge to defund Obamacare and continue the fight to repeal what amounts to one of the largest tax increases in history.  Only yesterday, RedState Publisher Erick Erickson revealed a letter from Delta Airlines to its employees outlining the $100 million cost of Obamacare to that company alone, and the anticipated changes in employees’ benefits.

“We already know where Mary Landrieu stands on Obamacare, and it’s not with the people of Louisiana,” Maness said.  “Bill Cassidy clearly doesn’t understand the enormous cost of Obamacare or the threat it poses not only to American workers and families but to the economy as a whole.  In times like these, we need leaders, not politicians.  He’s either for Obamacare or he’s against it, and if he’s against it, he shouldn’t vote to fund it.  As Congressman Paul Ryan said at last year’s Republican Convention, we need people who want to do something, not just be something.”


Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel, is a true constitutional conservative.  Learn more about him at www.RobManess.com or find him on Facebook at “Rob Maness US Senate – 2014.”